Maeda Atsuko Scandal Photo has generated new artistic movement

  September 16, 2012

Original image – Maeda Atsuko, being carried by Sato Takeru

LOL Nothing looks wrong in this photo!

“Oh wait~~~ Please~~~ I want to dump this, too~~~~!”

Wow, it’s been becoming more like an art!

How sentimental they look in this photo….

Collaborated with the legendary painting!

Hokusai…… lol

Uhmm I actually like this art.


Maeda is supposed to FISH (Anti), while she is being unconscious  due to being drunk???

Yup. We are the ones that are fished by Acchan in this photo.

If someone accidentally sends this one to some photo contest, I think it may win some prize….

Looks like a scene from a movie of psychotic killer….

This kinda reminds me of Bio Hazard 4?


How magnificent this image is!!

Somehow, it’s GODLY….

Just make this story into a movie!!

She has an outstanding aura even if she is so small in this photo! As expected of Maeda, whose dreams is to become a top actress in Hollywood.

Impressive….. What are they talking about?


No…. come on, this is awful LOL

How gorgeous their Karaoke Room are…..

Somehow, This Gaiin has been inspired by the photo….


Uhmm they are so blended in the town that I couldn’t spot them for a moment.

No…. I still can’t find them…

Hint: Near the Shoes shop


Can you tell me the original source of this image?

This is from comic “Otokozaka” by Kurumada Masami-sensei

This is the last scene of the series before it closed out.

This piece of art embodies the lesson that “Life is like Wire-Walking”….

I love this one.


Uhm I want to watch this Anime…

It really looks like Otomo’s drawing!!!


LOL Den’o completely ignored him…. 

LOL This is something new in this series!

I could expect, I could expect what will happen…..

But I spewed dark beer all around a table…