Maeda Atsuko mentioned her scandal at the beginning of her Solo Concert

  September 15, 2012

Bonus event for the theater version of Maeda Atsuko’s 2nd Single “Kimiha Bokuda”

①Tokyo Stage – Afternoon 

2912.9.15 – Sunplaza hall at Nakano Sunplaza

Entry 14:00

Show 15:00~

①Tokyo Stage – Evening

2912.9.15 – Sunplaza hall at Nakano Sunplaza

Entry 17:30

Show 18:30~

Official Good store

It was so much fun….

I’m so relieved to see Acchan looking alright….

I’m at Acchan’s live concert.

At the lobby of the venue, there’re flowers from various parties, including the film distributing company, Nikkatu. It seems there’s no flowers from AKB related parties

Maeda Atsuko Solo concert

Maeda Atsuko slowly walks up to here in a video,

Then Atsuko appeared with a broad smile!

She sang a cover of someone’s song

MC: “I’m so sorry for making a fuss. Maeda Atsuko, here~.”

She sang a cover of someone’s song

Before she sang JUJU’s song, she said “I love JUJU-san so much.”

During the performance of Juju’s song, she was shedding tears.


Hoozue to Cafe Maki-art

As she was leaving the stage, she waved to her fans , like “Bye Bye~~♪”

Encore (Started by one female fan of Maeda Atsuko)


MC: “I sang this song with Takamina, and she cried so hard. Originally we were not supposed to sing face to face.”

2nd encore was again, started by the femal fan

Acchan appeared in T-hisrt

MC: “Thank you. Hehe.”

Audiences: “Acchan~~~~♥”

MC: “Hi!!!”

Kono Mune no Melody


Kimiha Bokuda

MC: “Singing is the thing I like the most right now.” “Will you come to my concert again?”

Audience: “Yes!”

Acchan glanced back at the audiences as she was leaving the stage. Cute smile!

Acchan~ Good job for the 1st session~!!

Let’s hang in there, and keep smiling at the evening session, too~~~!!!


1 Kimiha Bokuda ~ dressed in a white costume


2 La Brea Ave.

3 Sunday Drive

After introducing band members, she changed her dress to the black one

4 Yoakemade

5 Yasashisade Afureruyouni – JUJU

6 Toomawari

7 Hoozue to Maki-Art

8 Itoshisugiruto…

Encore – Red dress

9 Migikata

10 Flower

2nd Encore – LIve concert T shirt and Black long skirt

11 Konomune no Melody

12 Kimiha Bokuda (She made a mistake as she started singing earlier by one bar of the 2nd verse)

Big soap bubble floating in the venue!!

Silver tape flies across the air, “Youkoso!! (Illustration of Negi-chan) Maeda Atsuko 2012.9.15”

The concert closed with standing ovation 

Acchan’s outstanding performance and brave made my heart….

Especially her song performance of “Yoakemade” surpassed the quality of voice recorded in the CD!!!

And, she said she loves the song “Aishisugiruto” the most!!

After I knew this, I started feeling like to listen to the song!!!!

I think by no means she would confess the reason for the mess, so we gotta put this scandal behind us and move on.

But as a result, it looks like the rumor that Acchan was dumped by Sato when she confessed her love to him will linger around forever….

Though it’s mere a rumor and the truth is only known by them, I guess this is what it’s meant to be celebrities…

I would die from happiness if she update her blog tonight~!

I’m so happy to see her looking alright!!

According to reports, it looks like her remarks were usual Acchan’s ones!!

After all, she didn’t make an apology…