Acchan Will Hold Solo Live Concerts in September

  May 30, 2012

Detailed information for the application method of the bonus event for Atsuko Maeda‘s upcoming single Kimi ha Bokuda has been announced.

The contents and application method for bonus event and items in the theater version of Atsuko Maeda‘s new single Kimi ha Bokuda (On sale June 20th) was announced on AKB48’s official blog.

Unlike other singles of AKB48, the theater version of this single can be purchased without winning  a lottery.
CharaAni application form (to purchase Theater version)
Application Period: 18:00 May 29 – 13:00 June 5 (JST)
Title: Atsuko Maeda’s 2nd Single 君は僕だ / Kimi ha Bokuda Theater version (limited production type item)
1. Kimiha Bokuda (theme song for movie Love Masao-kun ga Iku!)
2. Migikata (ending theme song for Shiritsu Bakaleya Kouko)
3. Tatami
and off vocal ver. of 1-3
A. DVD: Atsuko Maeda Special Live Concert (total 4 ver.) -. 7,500 each ver. total 30,000 DVDs are resented to purchasers of the sinlge.
B. Photo: with original credit on it (total 20 different photos)
*those who couldn’t win the lottery for A or selected this bonus in the first place are presented this item.

Release date: June 6 2012

Price: 1,000JPY
Regarding “Atsuko Maeda’s Special Live Concerts”
Atsuko Maeda will hold her first solo concerts after her graduation from AKB48 in Tokyo and Kobe. These concerts will mark the beginning of Atsuko Maeda’s career as a solo artist.

We have 4 ver. of special live concert DVD

1. Tokyo (night)
2. Tokyo (day)
3. Kobe (night)
4. Kobe (day)
The DVD also contains making of and off-shoot footage as well as an interview with Atsuko Maeda. Each version contains different footage.

The special live concerts will be held on September 9th at Nakano Sunplaza Hall in Tokyo, and on the 22nd at Kokusai Kaikan in Kobe.

Purchasers of Act.1-3 (Limited edition can join the lottery for these live concerts.