SKE48 Kizaki Yuria’s heavenly photo thread!!!

AKB48’s Koisuru Fortune Cookie, Global Flavour – Ready to Consume!

AKB48 Tano Yuka flashes her rock solid abs during ANN broadcast

Maeda Atsuko shares a time when she thought Takamina was too angry LOL

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AKB48WrapUp is now recruiting!


Hi there readers, . As you all know (and probably have realized since few months back), AKB48WrapUp is not as active as it once was – partly because Tommy, our

AKB48 Oshima Yuko’s graduation stage, setlist for Unit Matsuri 2014 & Team 8’s audition CM


So, following the 4-days that’s full of surprise announcements, here we have the annual Unit Matsuri where all unit songs are performed, some by their original performers, and some by

Grand Reformation Festival in February & Request Hour 2014 Day 4 rankings


The last day of AKB48’s 4 day festival! And what a day it is! The announcement of the Grand Reformation Festival ( Dai Sokaku Matsuri ) that can potentially change

AKB48 Draft members unveiling, AKB48 Request Hour Best Setlist Day 3 and Acchan’s visit


First of all, sorry for being extremely late on the updates! Things happen. Anyway, if you think surprises only happen after the show is over, you are quite wrong for

AKB48 35th Single Senbatsu “Mae Shika Mukanee” members & Request Hour 2014 Day 2 rankings


And so the 2nd day of the continuous 4 day festival begins! (≧ω≦)b A delightful surprise that Sugar Rush made its way into the Top 200 – also that all

Announcement: New AKB48 Team 8 formed & Request Hour 2014 Day 1 rankings


23rd of January 2014 marked the long awaited AKB48 Request Hour that will go on for 4 days until Sunday the 26th. Below are the songs that ranked on the

SKE48 Satou Seira and Mukaida Manatsu announced their graduation


At the end of SKE48’s Team S stage today (17th January 2014), Satou Seira and Mukaida Manatsu announced their graduation. This is the excerpt of their Graduation Announcement as translated

HKT48 Team Shuffle – Oota Aika is the new Team KIV Captain


On the first day of their Kyushu Tour, there was a surprise announcement about the new Team KIV which will be captained by Oota Aika. * promoted from Kenkyuusei .

Iwata Karen’s prank scared the heck out of her senpais ( and other members! )


New project! 「 Let’s prank call other members, LOL! 」 I watched R no Housouku… and I thought that I’ll try this! Look forward to the results! ( ^ω^ )

Oshima Yuko announced her graduation from AKB48


So… I personally don’t think that any of us can say that we didn’t see this coming. Yuko had a great year in 2012/2013 with a lot of national TV