Total Result of each 48 group wota’s opinions on the upcoming AKB48 Grand Reformation

(Wrap Up) 14gen members Google Plus Update and one more about Oshima Ryoka!

Core idol wota/plastic surgeon Takasu announced most sought-after celebrity faces, Paruru is atop the ranking!

‘DOCUMENTARY of HKT48’ Movie Director Sashihara Rino fulfilled her Sosenkyo campaign promise to perform in bikini

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SKE48 Mukaida Manatsu’s graduation message in a form of a special message to Yuria fans


Will SKE48 fans be able to dodge the most devastating scenario for Yuria, who is undeniably the center of attention as Grand Reformation is just around the corner. I don’t (and can’t)

Iwata Karen’s prank scared the heck out of her senpais ( and other members! )


New project! 「 Let’s prank call other members, LOL! 」 I watched R no Housouku… and I thought that I’ll try this! Look forward to the results! ( ^ω^ )

SKE48 Fans to Vote for The New Teams’ Setlist! Explanations from each team’s captain!


Following the first Team Reformation that happened in Nagoya Gaishi Hall on April 13th 2013, SKE48 has opened a voting system for the setlist that will be performed by new

SKE48 Nakanishi Yuka struggling to make decision whether to run for the election or not


What’s the deal with this Candidacy system that is implemented in this year’s AKB48 general election? On one side it opens up a way members to express their passion and

No Rain No Flower – Members who weren’t selected for Shonichi roster and 3 more!


1. What’s inside Churi’s hat? 2. Who do you want to get injection from? 3. This outstanding “size” of Deguchi Aki Senbatsu!! 4. No Rain No Flower – Members who weren’t

Furukawa Airi revealed the inside of her skirt in a train and SKE is again treated like a trash


※SKE’s 1st album and 10th single will both be released on Sep 19 “ I watched a commercial for a music album during Music Station for the first time…. “It’s

Let's warmly watch the Love Romance between Rena and Airin (and one more about Mantis tamer Rena!)


“I heard she was on a filming with Churi, Mikity and Airin? in Harajuku. For what program was the filming for? “Anyway, according to NHK’s staff, Rena is considered to

Yuukosu gave advice on Pokemon game to Nishishi (and 3other topics on Mirurun, Yukirin, Kuumin and KojiYu’s unit song)


Shirama Mirurun paparacci-ed her astounding sleeping posture Joenishi KeiWhy are you sleeping like this… You make me so surprised Miruchan…..(‘Д‘;)You can see the evolutionized version on Kanna’s G+ Shinohara Kanna(This

(Results) SKE48 Preliminary contest for 2012 Janken tournament in Nagoya (and 3 other topics on Unagi in Taiwan, Sashiko and Majisuka3)


Yuasa Hiroshi AKB48 29th Single Senbtasu Janken tournament, SKE48 preliminary contest.Now all matches has finished. Team S: Nakanishi Yuuka, Hiramatsu KanakoTeam Kll: Sato Seira, Sato MiekoTeam E: Kobayashi Ami, Takagi

Pictures that make you instantly understand how awesome SKE is


“So…. give me pictures that make me instantly understand where I should focus on when I see each member.As long as they are related to SKE, I don’t mind teams and gender.Please

Now It’s time to reminisce Transfer of Nishishi


“Nakanishi Yuuka, born on Jan 24 1989 inAichi prefecture.In May 2007, she passed the AKB48 audition for 4gen members.On 23th August 2008, she announced her transfer to newly created group

Members Reactions to Sashihara’s transfer to HKT48


Sashihara Rino on her blog I’m so sorry for causing you enormous worry. I’m really really sorry.Akimoto-sensei talked on the matter in last night’s ANN. And it turned out that

AkiP’s Ruling: Sashiko To Join HKT48 (and leaves AKB48)


AkiP “It’s not a demotion but rather I want to support her with this move” Shinoda Mariko on TwitterNow we are on the filming (of MV for the election single)

Some Inconsistencies with Sashihara Story


(A post from 2ch:)Revised Version ■If you were an otaku then you would’ve immediately notice these fake points 1) From story: “Due to worrying about her daughter, she chased after her

Shizuka Ohya wrote the song ‘ChapuChapu’


ChapuChapu Ryuta Takeda (Staff of TV show Ariyoshi Kyowakoku) I would rather like to keep this a secret….But…. actually I ate Japache (Korean dish, which pronounced “Chapuche” in Japanese) just

AKB48 – General Election ‘Future Girls’ Speeches


(Note: I, Wingom, used first name then last name)This was originally from my blog (but this version is slightly newer)Source for images : GIRLS (64th to 49th) 64th – Mika Komori

Is Hilary Chihou-gumi member? (and 4 other stories on 13gen’s 6-months anniv, Shiichan, Tomu and Micha)


Is Hilary Chihou-gumi member??? Note: Chihou-gumi is originally a group of 4gen members who come from prefectures far from Tokyo. 5 original members of Chihou-gumi are Rino Sashihara, Shizuka Ohya,