Top 10 Most Erotic AKB48 members

Can you explain why you can still be Sashihara Rino’s fan?

Kawaii ha Seigi

Core idol wota/plastic surgeon Takasu announced most sought-after celebrity faces, Paruru is atop the ranking!

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6 topics: A fan of Umechan run Tokyo Marathon, received a congrats message from her


Today, it’s Tokyo Marathon! 今日東京マラソンだ! — 梅田彩佳 (@AyakaUmeda) February 24, 2013 By the way, one of my fan told me that he will run Tokyo Marathon, and he said he

No Rain No Flower – Members who weren’t selected for Shonichi roster and 3 more!


1. What’s inside Churi’s hat? 2. Who do you want to get injection from? 3. This outstanding “size” of Deguchi Aki Senbatsu!! 4. No Rain No Flower – Members who weren’t

Fanmade AKB members Singing ability ranking


” If they’re in the same rank, the more left, the higher they ranked. Tentative ranking S: Masuda, Sato Natsuki A: Sayaka, Iwasa, Katayama B: Takamina, Takeuchi, Kojiharu, Minegishi, Kasai

Back to the basic: Sashihara Rino (2008)


This thread was written originally from Apr to Aug in 2008.She made her first stage appearance in Mar 1 2008 as a back dancer in B3rd Pajama Drive. In August

Team B members list


Last update: Jun 16 2012 Ishida HarukaAgency: Hori ProductionNickname: HarukyanBirthday: Dec 2 1993Official websiteGoogle plus (English)Official blogTwitter Kasai Tomomi Agency: Hori ProductionNickname: Tomo~mi (Chuu)Birthday: Nov 16 1991Official websitebGoogle plus (English)Official blogTwitter Kashiwagi YukiAgency: Watanabe ProductionNickname:

Does your Oshi-men actually look like your ex-girlfriend?


I can reveal myself as an idol otaku. But it’s gross if I seemingly have a lingering affection for her. “Actually that’s how I have become AKB Ota….. lol“Masuda looks

Members Comments One Night After The Election – Nextgirls (From Weekly Playboy)


48th Haruka KatayamaI was soothed by the result. Last year, as I dropped to out of the ranking, I’d been filled with a regretful thought – “Why didn’t I put

Momiman Festival


Yudai Takenaka on G+ (producer of NOTTV (mobile (Smart phone) TV broadcasting company)) Hello everyone.These days we are often flirted/fished by “pictures” on G+, but today we present you flirting/fishing

Shizuka Ohya wrote the song ‘ChapuChapu’


ChapuChapu Ryuta Takeda (Staff of TV show Ariyoshi Kyowakoku) I would rather like to keep this a secret….But…. actually I ate Japache (Korean dish, which pronounced “Chapuche” in Japanese) just

Harukyan: ‘Mo….Momiman’


Momiman night Amina on G+ Nacchi forcibly inserted MOMIMAN into my cleavage. Haruka Ishida “Phew…..” Haruka Ishida “Forcibly….. That all the more arouses my imagination… Phew….” Phew…. or ふぅ…. means of

TGSK: Next Ace will be from ‘After 8gen’


TGSK Next Ace will be from “after 8gen” Note: “After 8gen” means 9-13gen in this context TGSK “My personal feeling is that candidates for Next Ace are in “After 8gen”.

Members Reaction to The Election Result


Tomu Tomu Mutoh on G+ I was in 49th in the general election!!Thank you so much for supporting me. I’m really grateful to you(´;ω;`)☆This amazing ranking… and a center for

Suika Baby Wins Over Manatsu no Sounds Good! In This weeks Oricon Weekly Chart (and 3 other stories on French Kiss, Haaemon and Mariya Nagao)


Not Yet wins Oricon weekly chart, beating AKB48 (in 2nd week) and Warota “News delivery! Not Yet tops Oricon weekly Chart this week!!! “Wow finally we can celebrate them!!“Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   ∧∧

Paruru Had ‘Mother of Ultraman’-like Hairstyle in the Past (and 3 other stories about Acchan’s new solo song, Natsuki Satoh and Nana Yamada)


Paruru had a weird Hairstyle in the past “Since previous series was so popular, I present you second series!!In some sense, these photos stunned people when it’s first introduced on 2channel… (but that’s

Fan Report: GIVE ME FIVE! Shake-Hands Event In Sapporo


Fan Report of Shake-Hands event for AKB’s 25th Signle GIVE ME FIVE! in Hokkaido Fan reports on Acchan, Yuko, Yukirn, Tomochin, Kojiharu and Not Yet at nationwide Shake-Hands event  in Hokkaido! Acchan

Karen and Renacchi get Unfairly Strong Promotion from Management?


  “Because of huge support for Renacchi and Iwata from Management, popular members, Kawaei and Juri have become alienated” “Kawaei and Juri have enjoyed huge popularity as young members of team

Mariko Shinoda Shows Her Uekara Mariko Attitude For Natsuki Satoh


In the afternoon TV shoe Hiruobi, there was a tad cruel moment for Nacchi…. Because Yukirin has been starring in this show as a weather caster for 4 years (gasp!) and