How to vote in 2015 AKB48’s 41st Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo

Looking back at 48G member graduations in 2013

There’re So Many Photos That Prove AKB48 Kato Rena Is A Serial Kisser

AKB48 Tano Yuka flashes her rock solid abs during ANN broadcast

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AKB48 Members With Best Boobs (AKB48 Boob Senbatsu!?)


So that is it. The big screen on the stage flashes the letters “O” “P” “P” “A” “I” halfway through today’s concert at Saitama Super Arena, and that is when

Sasaki Yukari’s bullying confession and a bunch of other news


Annoucement page Sasaki Yukari confessed that she was bullied in primary school. Her classmates wrote “DIE” on her desk…. — AKB48WrapUp (@AKB48WrapUp) September 7, 2013 Yukarun’s bullied confession was

Congratulation to Hirata Rina, Omori Miyu and Sasaki Yukari! 12th generation KKS trio promoted at last


Takahashi Juri   4/28 21:30 Congratulation!!!!I’d been always waiting for you all♪ Iwata Karen   4/28 21:35 Ah… AhhhhhhhhhhhHHHWWWWWWWWWWWW(´;д;`) Lots of lots of emotions are flowing out of myself(´;д;`) Anyway, I’m incredibly

AKB Members who have Flawless Skin


” Wasamin! ” This must be Kaoru-kun! (Mitsumune Kaoru) ” Of course, the No.1 Ugly-Cute girl of 48 group, Maachun!!! ※Ogasawara Mayu ” It’s time for the stealth marketing of Yukko!! ※Kinoshita

Saeed Yokota Elena graduation performance and one more about Muto Tomu’s day


” Tomu = 10 and 6 = Oct 6th! Let’s enjoy Muto Tomu festival~~~!!! ” And June 10th is the day of Mutou (6+10) ” ” TanoTomu ” Beatiful Tomu

You'll Shine as much as tears you've shed, New Start of Sasaki Yukari and Saeed Yokota Elena


” Now Suzuki Rika and Saeed-chan….. 2 of all 3 members of team IEA withdrew from AKB48…. I'm so worried about Yukarun…. ” By the way, have you seen Yukarun's

Summary of Member Comment towards 2nd Reformation of AKB [2/3]


Continuing….   ‘ “While everyone is making fuss, Pre-Order of 28th Single has secretly? started lol -This time, it’s “Cool” AKB!!“ ‘ ‘ ‘ “There’s one thing I gotta say….

Mitsumune Kaoru won’t participate in all 3 days of TOKYO Dome concert due to bad health condition (and one more topic about Yukarun)


“Oh come on…. Tomorrow is the day when Mittu and Tomu’s promotion to team A will be announced…. “She has been getting so skinny lately. She has been busy with

Aiso no Mi – AKB48 Murder Case FILE-2


AKB48’s Maeda Atsuko’s Admiration at Oshima Yuko’s Voluptuous Cleavage with the words “They sure are big…” The members of the popular idol group AKB48 have become the suspects of a murder

Yuukosu gave advice on Pokemon game to Nishishi (and 3other topics on Mirurun, Yukirin, Kuumin and KojiYu’s unit song)


Shirama Mirurun paparacci-ed her astounding sleeping posture Joenishi KeiWhy are you sleeping like this… You make me so surprised Miruchan…..(‘Д‘;)You can see the evolutionized version on Kanna’s G+ Shinohara Kanna(This

So whose performance of ”Romance Kakurenbo” you guys like the best?


ロマンスかくれんぼ(Romance Kakurenbo): the song sung by KKS in the pre-show performance of team B Theater no Megami. Similar songs include “ミニスカートの妖精/Mini Skirt no Yousei”, which is performed before team A’s

Nattsun in a PINCH! (Updated)


From a Google+ post by Kojima Natsuki today (6/12) at 2:52pm (JST) Crap! Something’s happened!Just now when I was thinking of making curry, then went to cut up potatoes, I

Karen-chan Forms Nama Ham Alliance with Senior members (and 3 other stories about Miorin, Tanamin and Paruru)


From yesterday’s (29th) G+ updates of AKB48 members. Karen Iwata on G+ “This is the moment when we saw the birth of Nama Ham (Raw Ham) alliance!!Yay~~~~!!!Members who love raw

Karen and Renacchi get Unfairly Strong Promotion from Management?


  “Because of huge support for Renacchi and Iwata from Management, popular members, Kawaei and Juri have become alienated” “Kawaei and Juri have enjoyed huge popularity as young members of team

Idol Sousenkyo Including AKB48, KARA, Momoiro Clover Z, Shojo Jidai


Almost solely because of this month’s sensational fight against Nogizaka46, Sashiko ranked the top IT company Biglobe are hosting “Saikyo (=ultimate) idol general election” on it’s homepage titled Twipple Trend

Okinawan Beauty Gakky Sit Next To Tohoku Beauty Nozomin In TV Show ‘Gochi Battle’


Since I finally could manage to have a plenty of sleep after long days of 2-4 sleeping hours, I feel quite healthy now. Because I believe unhealthy activities require healthy body, I

AKB Theatre Club – Result of The First Audition For Musical “The Wiz”


13日、宮本亜門演出のミュージカル「THE WIZ」の第一回目のオーディションが行われた。AKB48の演劇部の8人がオーディションを受け、山内鈴蘭、宮崎美穂、高橋朱里、竹内美宥の4人が第一次予選を通過した。The first audition for the Musical “The Wiz “produced by Amon Miyamoto  was conducted 13th Apr. 8 members of “AKB Theatre Club” participated, and 4 were passed it. オーディションは今後も行われ、14日は、大阪でNMB48とHKT48メンバーのオーディションが行われる。Audition will