Total Result of each 48 group wota’s opinions on the upcoming AKB48 Grand Reformation

Akimoto Yasushi says “Love Ban Law is just a ‘fun thing’ to make 48G more captivating (and marketable)”

Kawaii ha Seigi

AKB48 Tano Yuka flashes her rock solid abs during ANN broadcast

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SKE48 WrapUp: Jurina’s announcement, Fake goods extermination, memetastic Furuyanagi, AKB48 SHOW! shooting & Rena’s photobook news!


I’m so happy beyond belief that I want to tell all of you straightaway!! It has been decided that I will be starring in a movie ♥♡ also… It’s Tekken-san’s

Take a sneak peak at SKE48’s performance and Swimsuit show at Mihama-city Oceanside Festival


About 2 week ago from now, Shinoda Mariko graduated AKB48 ToT, and we all miss bunch of beautiful photos of members she captured and shared with us on her blog

Professionals are giving professional supports to SKE48 Matsumura Kaori for her upcoming solo debut.


Whenever members face difficulty, there’re fans offering support. But as a fan, what they can do to help members is fairly limited in a practical sense. And that’s where creators,

SKE48 lifetime honorary KKS Matsumura Kaori to make solo debut from indie record label – KKS for lyfe


Yuasa Hiroshi (former SKE manager and current AKB48 manager):   Surprise! Matsumura’s solo debut is announced! Shiba Tomoya: Kaori Matsumura, solo project starts now! Matsumura Kaori: It looks like…. yeah,

SKE48 Deguchi Aki, Matsumura Kaori share their take on fans who refuse to shake hands with members at HS event


SKE48 member Deguchi Aki revealed on her google plus account that she was ignored by more than one fans at SKE48’s handshake event on February 11th. She raised a question, “Is that appropriate as

Iwata Karen shared a photo of her new short hairstyle and 3 more about SKE48 girls


. ← It contains A1 size poster of this pair O: . ” . ” ↑Somehow this laid-back convers teds woodworking ation healed me so much. ” Cute. ” .

Takahashi Minami made the first appearance in BBQ's Ichikomeda and 3 more!


. ” Guys!! I saw this on the newspaper!! Oct 9th's issur of FLASH ■Content: (Gravure?) Sato Seira ” I LOL'd. I'm actually surprised that 2ch can be a solid

Sentimental 1 KOMEDA at the night that Kaotan couldn’t make it…


“Kaotan… you talked more than you need to….Anyway, I can understand. Honestly you feel so frustrated by the fact you couldn’t get promoted…. “Now that we will be welcoming the

Members Comments One Night After The Election – Nextgirls (From Weekly Playboy)


48th Haruka KatayamaI was soothed by the result. Last year, as I dropped to out of the ranking, I’d been filled with a regretful thought – “Why didn’t I put

AKB48 – General Election ‘Next Girls’ Speeches


NEXT GIRLS (48th to 33rd)  48th – Haruka Katayama (AKB48 Team A) AKB48チームAの片山陽加(かたやま はるか)です。投票してくださった皆さん、応援してくださった皆さん、本当にありがとうございました。昨年、私は圏外ですごくすごく悔しい思いをしました。それから一年間どうしたらもっと知ってもらえるんだろう、どうしたらもっと愛してもらえるんだろうと、必死に自分なりに考えて頑張ってきました。その結果が48位という順位をいただけたんだと思います。これからももっともっとたくさんの方に愛してもらえるような素敵な魅力的な女性になっていけるよう、精進して頑張っていきたいと思います。本当にありがとうございました!  I am Haruka Katayama from AKB48’s Team A. Thank you so very much to the people that have

Shizuka Ohya wrote the song ‘ChapuChapu’


ChapuChapu Ryuta Takeda (Staff of TV show Ariyoshi Kyowakoku) I would rather like to keep this a secret….But…. actually I ate Japache (Korean dish, which pronounced “Chapuche” in Japanese) just

Whose Ota damaged the most from AKB48 4th General Election


“Who?“Lovetan“Takajo“If I were Rena Ota, I would be impossible to bear this result…. 9th Jurina 45,74710th Rena 42,03011th Sae 400,261 Rena Matsui on G+ 22:58 2012-06-06 “Thank you for this

Members Reaction to The Election Result


Tomu Tomu Mutoh on G+ I was in 49th in the general election!!Thank you so much for supporting me. I’m really grateful to you(´;ω;`)☆This amazing ranking… and a center for

Points You Should Pay Attention to While Watching the 4th General Election


“Tomorrow will roll around, and all joking aside, we will see the result announcement live (worldwide).This is my first AKB election since I’ve become a fan of AKB…. so I

AKB48’s Costume Manager Shinobu Kayano Is Having Fun With Sashihara


Costume manager of AKB48, Shinobu Kayano shared a fun moment with Rino Sashihara and AKB48 fans in this morning. Shinobu Kayano on G+ “Hi there! I’m Shinobu. And…. wow! Look!

Karen-chan Forms Nama Ham Alliance with Senior members (and 3 other stories about Miorin, Tanamin and Paruru)


From yesterday’s (29th) G+ updates of AKB48 members. Karen Iwata on G+ “This is the moment when we saw the birth of Nama Ham (Raw Ham) alliance!!Yay~~~~!!!Members who love raw

Reika Sakurai, Captain of Nogizaka 46 Expects Rino Sashihara Will Be In 2nd Place In the Election


Popular idol group Nogizaka46 made an appearance at Fashion event Smart x Mini Osyare Gakuensai hosted by Takarajima publishing. The group performed 3 songs including the title track of their latest single