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Shinobu revealed Touching Story behind Maeda Atsuko’s white Dress costume at Tokyo Dome concert (and one more)


“Acchan’s last costume for TD concert, the white dress.Sequins and Swarovskis. These were put by people who have been associated with Acchan, one by one.And the last person who put

Shinobu-san talks about costumes of Election Single (and 2 ohter topic on Mogi-chan and Kawaei)


AKB’s KKS Mogi Shinobu had a face like (・_・) from being nervous Kasaki Shinobu on G+ Yahooooi♡ I joined a pre-stage performance!!And thank you for sharing your thought on Ariyohi

AKB48’s Costume Manager Shinobu Kayano Is Having Fun With Sashihara


Costume manager of AKB48, Shinobu Kayano shared a fun moment with Rino Sashihara and AKB48 fans in this morning. Shinobu Kayano on G+ “Hi there! I’m Shinobu. And…. wow! Look!