Oota Aika aka Lovetan explains the reason behind her transfer to HKT48

  August 28, 2012


Oota Aika 8/24

Good evening★

Tokyo Dome concert☆☆☆

The first day was over~^^

I’m so sorry to surprise you…

I will transfer to HKT48 from AKB48.

This is my own decision!!

Of course I’ve talked with my parents☆

I bet on the possibility to find my new self!

Rather than being unchanged, I think taking a new step is certainly far better!!

I’ve given it a lot of thought about fans, my family, members….

I’ve pondered a lot….

But…. our bonds…..

I think our bonds will never disappear because things like this♪

To everyone in Hakata!!

I sincerely hope we will get on well together!

To fans supporting me over these years!!

Can you still keep suppporting me?

And to members! I always love you no matter where we are!

Saito Makiko 8/24 23:23

Lovesan! I love you!!!

Oota Aika 8/24

HKT48 Let’s GooooOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s the spirit!!

I gotta never forget mind!!

I’m so excited!!

I can see the whole different future!!!

The fork in the road of my life….

It was absolutely a right choice!!

I hope I can think like this in the future!!

In order to think that way in the future, I just give it everything!!

HKT48!! Let’s go big!!

Sashihara Rino 8/24 23:38

Gotcha!!Let’s Gooo!!
Anai Chihiro 8/24 23:38

I’m Anai Chihiro of HKT48!
I’m looking forward to meeting you