HKT48 members Komori Yui mistakenly(?) uploaded a post about her graduation – soon deleted

  August 16, 2012

HKT48 member Komori Yui posted following post tonight in which she stated that she will be graduating HKT48.

Uitan (*nickname of Komori Yui)! Are you okay?? What’s going on??


Komori Yui 23:04 8/16

Good evening!
I’ve been reading letters from you!
Thank you so much!
Yui is such a lucky girl!
Thank you thank you so much.
I love you, everyone!
It has been such a fun to work like this on a daily basis.
Though it only lasted for one year,
I’ve to Fukuoka and life surrounding me has changed so much,
and what I want to do in the future has also changed.
I’m so happy that I’ve been in this team.
Though I won’t be able to stand on a stage and sing and dance in front of you,
I liked present myself.
Thank you for being my side for today’s Stage (*team H 手をつなぎながら on Aug 16) and all activities that I’ve joined til now. You are the reason why I could keep moving on.
Because this is Google + and it will be the last one, I’m going to write.
Thank you so much to keep supporting me.
And I’m so sorry to everyone for making you upset.
Fans, my mom, my dad, my sister, my little brother, パール(name of her dog),
members, thank you so much.
From now on, I won’t be able to show myself from the Stage,
But I have a dream, too,
and I want to realize it in my life.
Thank you members,
I will keep being myself and move forward.
HKT48!! Be big!
I’ve learned how scaring world Show-Biz is.
I’ve learned a lot.
I’ve learned that we shouldn’t easily trust others.
Thank you so much.

Komori Yui


※This post has been deleted.

What the heck is this Uitan’s G+ post about?

Whatta? It’s disappeared..

Probably she mistakenly posted a comment that she has prepared in advance…
I’ve learned how scaring world Show-Biz is.
I’ve learned a lot.
I’ve learned that we shouldn’t easily trust others.
Though I think we can’t help but think this part sounds so scary… 

I don’t want to speculate things, but recently I’ve seen and heard too many weird things like this one….

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Sashihara Rino Aug 14

Sashihara Rino Aug 14

Uitan, Yukosu, Natsu and I had a serious talk when we went to another theater to do our public performance. Each of them is thinking about their own future from such a young age. They are the girls of resolute will.


Come on….. Will Natsu be Okay? Please~~~~ (ToT) 

Rumors brings further rumors…. 

So these G+ posts that posted by Sashiko recently in which she criticized the manager of HKT, Satoh, were her reaction to management’s judgement to give red cards to 4 members only for one misconduct?

Sashihara Rino Aug 15

What is a general manager? The work of adults are difficult, right?
Sashihara Rino Aug 14

I think Mr. Togasaki is amazing.
Komori Yui Aug 14


Now, I’m talking with Sassy through mobile messages!!
She is as if my big sister who is very reliable!
Talking with Sassy make me feel at ease.
Thank you so much!
I love Sasssy!!!



Anyway, just ignore those who just want to slam Sashihara here.

So what we can confirm with reliable sources are,
・Uitan mistakenly uploaded G+ post in which she talks about her graduation and deleted it 2 minutes later
・Uitan has trusted Adults but got betrayed.
・Uitan talked with Sashihara during HKT’s performance at AKB theater on Aug 12.
・Sashihara made a critical comment toward management in her G+ posts.
That’s all, I think?