HKT48 Sashihara Rino to make Stage debut in Hakata on 5th July

  June 28, 2012

AKS, the management company of AKB48 announced Sashihara Rino, who has transferred to HKT48 from AKB48, will make her stage debut at HKT48 theater on July 5.

She will make debut in H1st Stage “Te o Tsunabinagara” on 5th and join Janken tournament’s preliminary contest on 6th to win only 3 tickets assigned for HKT48 to advance to the final tournament held in Budo-Kan, ultimately aiming for the Senbatsu position of AKB48 29th Singale Senbatsu (16 members will be selected for Senbatsu of the single).

■Team H “Te o Tsunaginagara Stage”

Start 18:00 July 5 2012, at HKT48 Theater

■3rd Janken tournament preliminary match for HKT48 KKS and HKT48 regular members

Start 18:00 July 6 2012, at HKT48 Theater


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It’s finally announced~!!

LOL They should have chosen a better pic of her…

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Yahoo J←
Join the stage in Hakata, then participate preliminary contest for Janken, then soon return to Tokyo to join Handshake event in Makuhari messe…. Sassy is too busy ^^
Wait…. so when will her last team A stage be held????

It’s so strange that she will debut in HKT48 before conclude her career in team A….

HKT48 fan thread

Jule 5th is Maikomu’s bitrhday. (KKS Fukagawa Maiko)

Maikomu’s Seitansai (Birthday Celebration festival)…..

Have they already prepareed a position for Sashihara?

We can assume which position she will perform when we see an official announce which will be released at 19:00 tomorrow.

Sashihara’s join in HKT48 means someone will be kicked out from her position…..

Yeah… we may have to talk about who will be kicked out, but… what other stages Sashihara will perform in Hakata?? lol (= She may probably rarely appear on HKT’s stages?)

Wait wai wai wai wai!!!
So what about Maikomu’s Sentansai!?!?
Sashihara-han….. you can take it slower…..

Calm down! They haven’t yet said July 5 would be her Seitansai… Being her birthday doesn’t necessarily means they will hold her Seitansai…. or will they? Come on…

She will come earlier than I expected…

By the way which team she will belong to?

I guess they will announce during the stage, won’t they?

So who’s Under Sashihara will play???

Probably she will play Shinamon’s (Shimono Yuki) Under, because she is now under treatment of the injury…

Anyway, at least I want to give my compliment to her effort to have learned the routine in such a short time.
(Te o Tsunaginagara is originally team S’s Stage and has nothing to do with team A and AKB48)

I was completely taken aback….. I was thinking it would be long time before she makes Stage debut in HKT48…. Honestly I haven’t yet prepared….

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