Finally… Sashiko disappears from AKB48-starring TV show Kayoukyoku

  June 28, 2012

Wait…. Where is Sassy?
(Sassy seems to no longer appear in AKB48’s TV shows.)

I think it’s about time for Yukirin to sit on the from row seat!
She will have a chance if French Kiss will guest the show the week after next!

But who will move to back row seats instead….?

I love when Yukirin sit next to NyanMari….

Viewers rating of Kayoukyoku suffered a severe decline

Kayoukyoku: Viewers rating 4.9… (Note: Kayoukyoku is golden time TV program which is aired from 9PM, nationwide.)

Finally the count down to drop the show has started….

I was expecting 6% but it completely fell below it. lol

13.4% 21:00-21:54 CX* Legal High – final episode
*8.6% 21:00-21:54 NTV ultra re-produce mystery

*4.9% 21:00-21:54 TBS Kayoukyoku

Kayoukyoku “Okay we may have made a mistake so….. for the next episode, we will take a close look of Sashihara Rino in HKT!!!”

It’s just because they continued the same cheesy topic for too lon….
If it were other members, this would have ended like “Okay she has transferre. Ciao ciao.”
She isn’t even a criminal so most of people have no interest in this topi….

I agree with you.
I can’t understand why light fans and media are heated up so much.
I have any particular feeling toward Sashihara. I just want things to go back to a normal state.

By the way, it’s natural that people want to watch Legal High which is dubbed the best Drama in this season rather than Sashihara’s scandal story which is basically a repeat of the same thing.

I guess they will drop the show at the end of June.
Somehow…. I’ve got so frustrated with the fact that they are wasting other AKB members for highlighting Sashihara’s topic…

It’s because other programs were it’s final episode or doing special program…. You’ll know when you see the breakdown, Sashihara has a talent to increase viewers rating…..

Sticking to this kind of cheesy farce would lead Anti AKB sentiment among ordinary people….

Don’t worry, AKB hasn’t been liked by ordinary people in the first place.

Actually the most useful topic I leaned from this week’s Kayoukyoku is the trivia that “Costume cost of TUBE when they first appeared in TV show Best Ten to perform their hit song Season in the Sun was 12,500 yen per member….


04/24 *8.5% Acchan graduation related topic
05/01 *5.1%  Acchan graduation related topic
05/08 *9.6% Ashida Mana, Itano Tomomi
05/15 *5.9% SKE48 NMB48 48 groups beefin’
05/22 *6.7% KyaryPamyuPamyu etc.
05/29 *6.1%  KyaryPamyuPamyu etc.
06/05 10.1% AKB general election coverage
06/20 *6.6% Sashihara apology footage from ANN
06/26 *4.9% Sashihara live-broadcast prank
Okay so this was the worst number of all time…..
I vaguely remember that NaruHai’s worst number was 4.5…..?
Is it only me that think this transition of viewers rating pretty much resembles NaruHai’s?
Good job, Sashihara! You’ve done with AKB48!
I just hope HQ will back to normal operation as soon as possible.

From Sassy Ota’s perspective, whether to think that  it’s nice that only 4.9&|% watched the episode where they were humiliating Sashihara or that people have started to get bored with Sashihara…..
It’s a tough choice.

Actually for ordinary audience, it doesn’t matter whether she sincerely feel regret or not lol
If they seriously want to make a popular TV show with AKB48, then while mainly focus on music performance, they can incorporate cooking segment, bring animal pets etc. to draw interest of audience… They can make something like Smap x Smap by rotating members….
That exactly what I expected…..
Somehow they didn’t follow Smap x Smap style but KinSma style…..

So this would be the last episode they air Sashihara’s scandal related topic, I guess…..
But still, it’s boring only to watch and talks about past footage of AKB48 with the casts…
Mic performance battle in iron cage or the secret research on members opinions by using “Totalizer” were so much fun for Ota, but I’m quite doubtful how much ordinary people could have enjoyed them…

Yes that “Totalizer” aired right after the election was so much fun. IMO, every AKB fan must watch it.

Totally agree. That was by far the interesting program of all previous programs in Kayoukyoku.

I think now AKB is standing at the crossroad…. Which way they should choose? Maybe they are now losing the sense of direction…. as they handsomely continue doing the one of the most boring farce in the AKB’s history which is not only boring to ordinary viewers but even frustrating to most of Ota…