Sony released Full MV of Watanabe Mayu’s second solo single ‘Otona Jelly Beans’ (and another topic on Komorin and Wasa)

  June 29, 2012

MV of Mayuyu’s 2nd single “Otona Jelly Beans” will be release tomorrow, on 29th!

It will be on-aired on ZIP!, Sukkiri! (both are on NTV). You can also watch the full MV on Sony Music official Youtube channel from 12:00 on 29th!
Everyone, please check it out!

I wish Mayuyu would have a huge impact like Momoiro Clover Z, and get tons of tie-up offers….

Why they upload full MV…. orz…. they should have uploaded short ver…..

I don’t mind whether they upload full or short version…. but…. what kind of advertising campaign they are doing? Trading cards are the only bonus for this single!?!? Come on!!

I hope they will release tie-up information, too….

Oh come on… they haven’t yet released tie-up information when it’s already a time to release MV!?

My wallet is totally empty lol
I can’t but DVD of Sabadoru….. orz
But please forgive me, I’ll buy her 2nd single and upcoming single by No Name!!

Let’s work to earn money….

Komori’s clumsy way to express her love

Komori Mika on G+

Today when I said to everyone “You’re so cute~~~”,
then, though I didn’t say her name or anyone’s name,
Only Misaki turned to me with Doyagao face!!….. (wry)….

Komori is disgusting lol
How mean she is!!
LOL it’s not that she is trying to diss Wasamin, Komori is just poor at expressing her love for people.

Wasamin is so beautiful when she glance back.

Wasamin is Asian beauty!!

So she is wearing Kaze ha Fuiteiru’s costume. What is she doing?

Maybe they are on the filming of this?

AKB new album released on August 15 “Title: undetermined”

■Choreo footage (each is 2:30minutes)
Everyday Katyucha / Flying Get/ Kaze ha Fuiteiru / Uekara Mariko

Komori Mika

I’ve been enjoying stable relationship with Iwako (Wasamin)!!
We want to release our DVD again, don’t we??

Iwako’s genius word when she said as she was browsing Gugutasu.

Summer who can’t love himself can’t lover others.