Nogizaka vs Sashiko (and her friends) on TV Show ‘Ariyoshi Kyowakoku’

  April 18, 2012
The battle between Nogizaka and Sashiko gets too funny in the TV show “Ariyoshi Kyowakoku”. It looks like the (deliberately planned) rivalry of between AKB48 and Nogi46 is levaraging each other.

In the program, 7 members of Nogizaka and 7 members of Sashihara7 battled agaist each other. This first series comprises 4 parts.
Shichifukuzin(from Nogizaka46) vs Sashihara – Press Conference
②Introduction of Members of Sashihara7
③Soba with Tons of Wasabi Speed-Eating contest
④Answer sexily – Answer Fast!! Quiz
⑤To be continued

I’m not sure this video can be enjoyable if you have no idea of what they’re talking but since this show is directed really well, I think you can still enjoy the funny battle… and I think it’s worth your time just to check out how cute Shichifukujin of Nogizaka are 🙂