Sashiko Ota (lol) Plan To Name Horse Race On 2th May With Her Name To Celebrate Her Solo Debut

  April 4, 2012

As we already reported, Sashiko (Rino Sashihara 指原莉乃) has attracted so many fans among Otaku community maily because she herself is serious Otaku and has cute Otaku character.

To explain how much passion her fans hold to Sashiko, I found good example from Japanese online forum. There, one Sashiko fas is talking about his plan to name some horse races held on 2th May with her name to celebrate her solo debut. Of course, 2th May is the release date of her solo debut single along with Nogizaka46’s 2nd single.

“Last Friday, I wrote on *Kanmuri Race of Horse Racing, and I just called Nagoya Horse racing stadium. It looks like I can make it for 3rd 4th and 5th race.”
*Kanmuri race means a race with a sponsor’s name in it’s title. It is possible to name races in any ways as long as you paid for it, like AKB48 Japan Cup, SKE48 Memorial, NMB48 Spring Cup, all of those can be possible.

So what this fan is trying to do is name 3 races at Nagoya on 2th Mar (The release date of her solo debut single “それでも好きだよ” – I love you nonetheless)

He clearly stated that he already named those 3 races at Nagoya, like these,

3rd Race – Rino Sashihara Solo Debut Memorial Cup
4th Race – Today on sale! それでも好きだよ Memorial Cup
5th – Awaking of Whole Nation’s “*Sashihara Quality” Memorial Cup

I’m sorry that I don’t know what “Sashihara Quality” means exactly, but this word is used as a title of her blog, too.

But what this amazing act of Otaku does mean is… Otaku still matters in AKB48, or Don’t underestimate the power of Otaku community!! lol We hope he or she will succeed to pass the inspection process and are looking forward to seeing those titles of races on TV or Newspapers.

According to his comments, there already was a race titled “Jurina Matsui Birthday Memorial Cup”, so chances are high for him to pass the inspection!! Awesome!! He is so awesome that since he couldn’t dare to hear his name announced at the stadium, he instead wrote in the sponsor name form, “All Members of Rino Sashihara aka Sashhi (Another Nickname for Sashiko) Cheering Thread”. Sashiko, you are so lucky to have such lovely fans!!