AKB48 Mitsumune Kaoru to withdraw from the group + 1 more on Oshima Yuko talks about Jurina

  October 24, 2012

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tp://www.akb48wrapup.com/2012/10/akb48-mitsumune-kaoru-to-withdraw-from-the-group-1-more-on-oshima-yuko-talks-about-jurina/”>Oshima Yuko to Matsui Jurina 'I'm anticipating you'll go beyond me'

2. AKB48 Mitsumune Kaoru to withdraw from AKB48

This is absolutely right.

I think Jurina also think various kind of things inwardly.

It's tough for Jurina to be compared to likes of Yuko all the time….

Jurina, it's okay to lack something.

If she possesses everything, it's boring isn't it?

What makes AKB48 so captivating is to see girls who don't possesses everything try their best to  seize their dreams

I thin what Jurina is lacking is to sharply recognize what she is cut out for and to produce herself to make her unique charm appeal to people to the fullest.

What she lacks? It's a rival of the same generation.


  1. KaoruOshi says:


  2. MGPD says:


  3. iron denim says:

    too bad kaoru

  4. kamo says:

    it’s really make me shock,in TD concert while team suffle i’m happy she make it into team K and i really want watch her performance with team K but now it never been happen T_T

  5. Sei says:

    Ok… I did not see that one coming

    About Yuko/Jurina, I really love that combination, one is eager to teach the other is eager to learn. That’s what AKB needs to keep going strong.

  6. lobane says:

    Her withdrawal proves AKB48 never easy for any member.
    Members with bright future and hope from management and fans took withdrawal.
    Like Joe who is center of team M.

  7. cryt says:

    To participate and succeed in 48group, it’s important to maintain a healthy body (not just skinny or pale skin) and not just have great potential

  8. bdj92 says:

    well, she is already a big enough talent to survive out there.
    it’s not impossible we’ll hear her name again as in the entertainment world a few years from now, without “48” attached to it. :s

  9. Zee says:

    Geez,been waiting for Kaoru aaaand she withdraw 😐
    well,without AKB she’s already famous btw

  10. Abc says:

    I’m not surprise for Kaoru~

  11. didn’t know about her until know. I think im not that hardcore than some of you guys lol

  12. blacknezumi says:

    What this is just sad. I was waiting to see her performing with team K and starring in one of the pv.