Tano Yuka, Shinoda team A member turned 16 today.

Happy Birthday, Tanochan!!

See how she is loved by members beyond the groups!!

Tanochan updated her G+ seconds after or the moment the date changed to March 7th!

Thank you for providing us with opportunities to celebrate your birthday!

Tano Yuka 3/7 0:00

Oh goody! I turned 16 year old at this moment(((((└(:D」┌)┘)))))))
Not losing myself, embracing the way I am, and striving to my best. That’s what I’ve kept in mind and will keep doing so!
Hirata Rina 3/7 0:01

Tanochan! Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oshima Ryoka 3/7 0:02


Yamamoto Sayaka 3/7 0:06

Happy birthday♥♥♥

Jonishi Kei 3/7 0:08

Omedeto Peanuts!! (Happy birthday Peanuts!)


Sayanee, Keicchi, perhaps it’s a bit surprising for those who haven’t followed her, but many girls love her, the depth, funny jokes, honesty, and most of all, her captivating dance performance.

Kawaei Rina 3/7 0:01

Tanochan! Hapi Ba(thday)♪♪
Tano Yuka 3/7 0:09

Eichan♥ Thanks♥


Takahashi Juri 3/7 0:04

My Tano! !
Hapi Ba(thday)!! Let’s congratulate!


Congratulations (°∨゜)/, my /Tano’s birthday! ★



I heard this combi – Oshima Ryoka and Tano Yuka – is called “ksgk combi” (means kinda like partners in crime) among fans lol

Anyways the two has definitely shares something resonates with each other, and if you look at them closely, between inside jokes and childish plays, you can see they really care about each other.

Oshima Ryoka 3/7 0:04

Ta….. Tanochan….!!

Happy Birthday♪♪
I love you so much (゚∀゚)

Tano Yuka DateTime

Ryon!! I love you, too♥ Thank you♥

Oshima Ryoka DateTime

This is RyonTano!!

Oshima Ryoka DateTime

I’m wondering what’s the best birthday gift for her~~?

Tano Yuka 3/7 0:54

RyonTano!? LOL

Tano Yuka 3/7 0:56

Ksgk, I love you!!!!!
(Kuso Gaki: Literally means little shit or goddamn brat, but in this romanized form, the word describes that they’re so close that they could talk about anything)


Hirata Rina is such a pure heart.

If you’ve been following 12th generation members like Muto Tomu, Iwata Karen or Tano Yuka, you’ve almost certainty already come to realize that this girl Hirata Rina is pretty straight forward to express her respect and affection to members.

Like attracts like. If you want to be straight forward and don’t want to play a game, you’ll have friends that are straight forward just like you.

Hirata Rina 3/7 0:09

Tanochan, happy your 16th birthday

( o ̄▽)o<※*:’゜。.お*:゜・め’゜゜:。で’・:+と”。*・う’:゜:*♪:’゜`。+:

I love you so much~♪

Pardon me that my singing sounds awful. It’s because I got a little cold right now(´・ω・`)

Hope our friendship will continue as we grow up together\(^o^)/

XOXO(^з^)-☆ Tanochan

Tano Yuka 3/7 0:16

Rina~♥ I love you, too(((((└(:D」┌)┘)))))))♥


Gi…. Gift for everyone!?!?

Come on, your existence is already a blessing to all of fans!

AKBverse in 2012 was so much fun thanks to this incredibly funny relationship between Tanochan and Tomu!!

Good news is recently people outside the fandom of the two girls have finally started recognizing the combi, “TanoTomu”.

Tano Yuka 3/7 0:15

I’m so happy. I  got a bunch of messages from my Teammates, members of Team 4, my friends and fans of me!

Please wait for a sec!

I will go through your comments once I get settled.

This is Thank-You Photo(((((└(:D」┌)┘)))))))

Oops!? Holykaw! I got a phonecall from ━(゚∀゚)━!

Muto Tomu 3/7 0:33

Happy birthday~☆
Kojima Natsuki 3/7 0:35

Happy birthday!

Tano Yuka 3/7 0:40

Thank you so much! Seriously, thank you, thank you so much!

Although it’s usually a nuisance that my cellphone is keep ringing, today, it makes me so happy!!

Tano Yuka 3/7 0:46

Things that is embarrassing.

Making this photo myself in utter silence…

Tano Yuka 3/7 0:46

Tomu! I love you always!

Tano Yuka 3/7 0:48

Nattun~ Thank you(((((└(:D」┌)┘)))))))

Kotani Riho 3/7 0:58

Hi this is Ripopo!


Happy Birthday!

I love you so much, Tanochan(;_;)/~~~

She is cute and beautiful.

She dances amazingly.

Plus, she has a happy mind!

Hope our friendship will last for long(;_;)/~

Aigasa Moe 3/7 7:54

Good morning( ´ ▽ ` )ノ



Tano Yuka 3/7 9:08

Thank you(((((└(:D」┌)┘)))))))

Abe Maria 3/7 9:00

Today is the 16th birthday of Shinoda Team A member Tano Yuka ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Mayupon (←?) Happy Birthday~♥

Tano Yuka 3/7 9:00

Mayupon, How glad I am(((((└(:D」┌)┘)))))))

Tano Yuka 3/7 10:12

Thank you so much for your messages!!

I will go out to drive with my parents(((((└(:D」┌)┘)))))))

Iwanaga Ami 3/7 10:15

Yuka-chan, happy birthday♥
Kotani Riho 3/7 10:16

Tanochan! Happy Barthday(^3^)/!

Tano Yuka 3/7 10:17

Tsu-chan! Thanks(((((└(:D」┌)┘)))))))☆彡

Tano Yuka 3/7 10:18

Ripopo-san!! Thank youuuu(*°∀°)=3

Murase Sae 3/7 10:21

Happy Birthday♥

Tano Yuka 3/7 10:30

Sae-chan, thank you♥ (blush)

Nakaya Sayaka 3/7 10:35

Omereto~~ (Happy Birthday) !!

Tano Yuka 3/7 10:37

Miss. Nakaya!!

Congratulate on your graduation!!

I was reading your blog! I thought it’s cool! I’m impressed by the way you lead your life!

It was great that I could spend a lot of time with you as Next Girls membrs. It was so much fun to be with you.

Thank you so much(*°∀°)

Suzuki Shihori 3/7 11:07


Suzuki Shihori 3/7 11:07

Could you catch my voice on the phone last night?

Suzuki Shihori 3/7 11:07

Happy Birthday!

Tano Yuka 3/7 12:15

Shihorin! I could hear your voice♥ Thank you so much!

Tano Yuka 3/7 10:14

Good Morning!(^.^)

I found the bakery that sells Kara’age* bread!



Long been dreamed of this moment!

My love, kara’age Pan!

Kara’age: Deep fried Chicken lightly coated with a seasoned wheat flour or potato starch mix



When I talk about the member who I like more than any other member, I kinda become at a loss for words. Cause…. with only knowing some superficial facts and no direct interactions, I, like most of fans, fill in blanks, fantasizing over the girl.

Probably what she’s become in my head is more than the reality or that might be the opposite. Who knows?

Sorry for being a little awkward~~.

Though, I swear what she’s shared with fans everyday really allowed everyone to see that she has a good heart and a bright spirit.