Tanochan has a deep talk in the Google Plus midnight session – AKB48WrapUp members joined

  September 12, 2012

Yesterday’s AKB48 theater was Seitansai for Kuramochi Asuka was presented by Mocchi Sentansai committee.

The Cast of this Stage was,
Iwasa Misaki, Oota Aika, Ohya Shizuka, Katayama Haruka, Kuramochi Asuka, Kojima Haruna, Takajo AKi, Nakagawa Haruka, Nakata Chisato, Nakaya Sayaka, Maeda Ami, Matsubara Natsumi, Izuta Rina, Oshima Ryoka, Fujita Nana and Muto Tomu

Muto Tomu 23:48 9/11

After today’s Stage, I went to join the recording~(^^)♪ 

Today was Kuramochi-san’s Sentansai\(^o^)/
Kuramochi-san, Happy birthday!!!

The video (made by members), played at the last portion of Sentansai. was awesome(´∀`)☆ 

Well, many fans were like “let’s wait for Tanochan to make a comment that expresses her jealousy towards the two girls!” But today, it was a different story.
Iwasa Misaki 23:34 9/11

Mocchi~ Happy birthday~~(^-^)/!! 

We presented her a movie that was filmed by the members♪

Kuramochi Asuka 23:35 9/11

Shiichan??? lol
Iwasa Misaki 23:35 9/11

Birthday Present from Shiiichan to Mocchi risking her career as an idol (she said this jokingly)

Fujita Nana 23:51 9/11

Muto Tom 23:53 9/11

Tano Yuka 0:19 9/12

My left foot~~~(・・)
I did this pedicure myself⊂((・⊥・))⊃
Good night~(。-_-。)

Tano Yuka 0:20 9/12

Panther pattern on deep red looks so difficult, doesn’t it? lol ?
Tano Yuka 0:21 9/12

But it looks girly as well, doesn’t it?
Kato Rena 0:31 9/12


Good night(つ∀-)

Tano Yuka 0:31 9/12

Hime (Princess)!!
Good night sir!!
Tano Yuka 0:40 9/12

What’s your name~~~~?? (Tanochan is singing to a song by Rihanna)
Tano Yuka 0:41

Why aren’t you guys answering with your real name!! I’ll get mad! (゜゜)
Tano Yuka 0:42

Alright. Because you guys are using assumed names on Google Plus, it’s a little embarrassing to reveal your real name, right? (゜゜)
Tano Yuka 0:43

Why you’re using assumed names when I use my real name….(゜゜)

Tano Yuka 0:44

Okay you guys, open your mind. Reveal yourself!!

Segment “Let’s know you guys more”, starts!!

Tano Yuka 0:47

I will make a new post so please let me know more about you!!
Tano Yuka 0:48 9/12

Please tell me about yourself!! (゜゜)

Let’s start in comments form!!

Tano Yuka 0:50

It’s already getting interesting (゜゜)
Tano Yuka 0:51

But… is there anything that makes me astonished like “Eeeeeeeehhhh!?!??!!?”?(*゚∀゚)
Bryan Satyahadi 0:52

hi, Bryan here!


From Australia
オーストラリア から

183cm Tall

86Kg Weight

i run this site with my friend (www.akb48wrapup.com)

Tano Yuka 0:53

You guys revealed so much v( ̄Д ̄)v yay
Tano Yuka 0:55

Guys! Reveal yourself more more more more~~~(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)!! I don’t want any fake stories!!
Ryosuke Takahashi 0:56

Tano chan, I am Ryosuke Takahashi… I am 21 years old. Japanese American.. Born and Raised in Denver, Colorado.. 🙂
Irfan Sidik 0:59


My friend is Tanochan Oshi. I learnt a lot from him and I got to know you. We run an AKB fansite together! (www.akb48wrapup.com)

チェックしてほしいいな~ :3

Tano Yuka 0:58

Tano Yuka 1:00

Everyone. Are you in love with someone? (゜゜)w

What do you think about me?(゜゜)w

Tano Yuka 1:06 9/12

Everyone. Thank you so much(`・ω・´)♥
Now it’s my turn?(=^・・^=)
Tano Yuka 1:07

First of all, I’m tano Yuka. I’m female!
Tano Yuka 1:08

It may look like I’m doing childish things, making me a nonsensical girl…. but actually I always give it a lot of thoughts.
Tano Yuka 1:09

But sometimes, I do things without thinking…. and get scolded(*゚∀゚)
Tano Yuka 1:11

When I was little… I was more selfish than I am now(゜゜)
Tano Yuka 1:12

I was manly(゜゜) I mean my behavior (゜゜) You could find me in restrooms for men (゜゜)
Tano Yuka 1:13

I was good at studying back when I was at an elementary school(゜゜) Now…. I can’t dare to say….(゜゜)
Tano Yuka 1:16

In my junior high school days…. I had a lot of things…. most of them are fun things!
Tano Yuka 1:17

Because my junior high school life was so fun, I wanted to go to school everyday. I wanted to sleep over at my school. Yes, I exaggerated (゜゜)
Tano Yuka 1:19

My skirt was short until the very end of my school days. I actually cut it short. I’m sorry.
Tano Yuka 1:20

I tore my blazer and made a hole in order to put a weird ribbon on it. I’m sorry.
Tano Yuka 1:25 9/12

You want to hear more of my story? (=^・・^=)

Okay Okay
So this is gonna be the last post for today (゜゜)

Tano Yuka 1:26

What kind of things you want me to talk about?
Tano Yuka 1:30

I…. I’ve loved AKB since the beginning♪

Tano Yuka 1:31

But I’d never imagined that I would join AKB~(゜゜) 

Coz my dream is more like being an artist rather than being an idol.

Tano Yuka 1:33

But they say, they  realize my dream. So I determined. I will definitely realize my dream from here!!

Tano Yuka 1:34

My type!! My type is a passionate, enthusiastic man like Kato-san from Funky Monkey Babys!!

Oh looks like I suddenly changed the topic? lol

Tano Yuka 1:38

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. I don’t know whether I can realize my dream, but, I believe when one is trying his best to realize his dream is the most precious thing!! “You can definitely realize your dream!” Some may think speaking this words is just a way to fool oneself and gloss over things, BUT, I will never forgive those who say it’s just a pretty word that gloss over things!! I hate people who have that belief!!!
Tano Yuka 1:42

And…. I really love it when you say “Ganbare!” to me….. but…… I’m actually giving it everything!!
Tano Yuka 1:44

Giving it everything is on par for the course!! So when I was told “Ganbare” for many many times…. I was like “I’m already giving it everything!!!”(´・ω・`)
Tano Yuka 1:46

Awwwwww I’m getting teary..
Tano Yuka 1:49 9/12

Phew….. I may have gotten too intense…(´・ω・`)
Tano Yuka 1:50

I will share my thoughts on Mobame next time!!
Tano Yuka 1:50

I want to talk to Tomu(..)
Tano Yuka 1:51

Oh yeah, I want to talk to Gay people (more like Drag Queen like Mittsu Mangrove or Matsuko Deluxe)!!!

*Recently, Tanochan said, for her, Tomu is like her big sister.

Tano Yuka 1:50

Gay people tell everything honestly without glossing over things!!
Tano Yuka 1:53

Do you know? The way that Gay people see the world is amazing! I actually respect their way of thinking!
Tano Yuka 1:56

Theater Stage!! Theater Stage is the most important part of my life!! I care about the Theater performances the most. I care so much about the theater!
Tano Yuka 1:57

There’re various kinds of people in the audience. BUT! No matter how they respond to me, how much they make fun of me, I don’t care!! I am ME!! I’m just like… You just do your business and I’ll do my business.
Tano Yuka 2:00

When I first started working in Show-Biz, it hurt to face the fact that there are Anti!! But now that I look it more positively, I believe I can take it!!
Tano Yuka 2:02

I need to grow so that some day I will be able to live without your support……. (^^) But I think I may still count on you sometimes♪
Tano Yuka 2:04

Before I knew it, I talked so intensely!!(゜゜)Ohhhhつ
Tano Yuka 2:05

Will it be possible for me to live as an ordinary person….(..)
Tano Yuka 2:07

(Seeing comments from fans) Well….. thank you, I feel like that it’s gonna be alright (^^)♪
Tano Yuka 2:09

Everyone. I’m so sorry for troubling you(..)
Tano Yuka 2:09

Good night (^^)


Tano Yuka 12:00

Today, Weekly Shonen Magazine will hit the shelves!!! ヾ(・ω・o)

Yuko-san., Takamina-san, Mayu-san, Kawaei-chan and I willl appear on the magazine (。-_-。)

Please take a look at it!!!



Yup! I already bought one!