Anta Dare session, Akimoto’s Abs, NMB48 pranks, and more

  August 23, 2012

Here comes Yokozuna and Yukarin!!

Yudai Takenaka 8/22 16:57

This is NOTTV Anta dare Producer
For today’s opening it’s these 3 people!

Please took forward to it!!


I’m jealous of those able to watch this…

Noro is “Single” while CinDy is “(18)”… what is this lol

Ah, I saw Yukarin again after such a long time

Tomorrow’s Anta dare will have those three with the addition of meetan, right?
Pure chaos!! lol

Seems fun~

>>When the four of them did ANN together, it also turned out very interesting!

>>That Takamina Phone section… the brushing teeth-like voice is Legendary!

Today and Tomorrow’s one hour just can’t be missed!!

Yudai Takenaka 8/22 18:41

This is NOTTV anta dare Producer
This is today’s Gathering photo.

Anta dare Viewers!
Hamaguchi-san’s prediction result will be uploaded on G+, please look forward to it!


Noro-san’s Center aura is amazing lolww

lol In the back there is KK Muffler towel!

If the guests are the only one photographed, it already reached 40 people. How crammed!

If we compared the three’s leg…

>> As expected from CinDy!!!!!

Today’s Anta Dare. The things we would like to tell to the members.
Yukarin “When I went to Mariko-chan’s Seitansai, I was asked, who was the one shouting “HARUGO~~N!!” to Harugon? Ah, they really know my way of playing. But! Hey! The one who made AKB’s early days is meee~~!!!!”

Yudai Takenaka 8/22 21:50

This is NOTTV Anta dare producer.
Please develop your own moe attributes!
~Special Edition~

Urano Kazumi-san
Uniform Moe
“Eh? You said tomorrow you’ll transfer? Without you around, I feel relieved! … … It’s not like I am crying, okay?!”

Satou Yukari-san
American Indianapolis woman doctor Moe
“Eh? You can’t take it anymore? then… let me try this (Putting stethoscope on the patient, listening to the beating of his heart). Hang~ in~ there <3”

Noro Kayo-san
Being together with a boy she loves Moe
“Now you may have lost the baseball match but, you can still try your best for the next one! eh? Playing catch ball?… but there is no ball… (shoving chest) A! There are two over here!”


Noro-san LOL

As one would expect from Oyagata! www

There was someone else who did something similar with Noro-san’s joke in yesterday’s Genin!

When you said the same thing in Geinin… it was Sayanee wasn’t it? Sayanee’s was softball version though.


Akimoto Sayaka 8/22 12:26

Since there are many people asking a picture of my abs… (laugh) Sorry if this seems unsightly (´Д` )



Are you an athlete or what?!www You body is an athele body!!www

This is… unwelcome to us non-sporty unskilled gluttonous wota

Her edited face is so attractive…

Is there any other member in AKB with trained abs like this? Isn’t Umechan also has developed abs?

>>Now it’s not reaching that level yet but Akicha’s abs during Ponytail no Shushuu was crazy

>>You can see loads of wonderful abs in Team K concert

When did you think it is Team K?

Certain members:
“during AKB opera, although other team members of AKB also doing stretching, but only the members of team K that did sit-ups.
When I saw that, I thought to myself, ah, it must be team K.”

What exactly do you mean with this?!

Kotani Riho 8/22 14:46

This is Ripopo!
Hey, hey hey…
Do you want to see this in video?

Yamada Nana 8/22 15:07

Aaa! (LOL)

Aw, this is a cruel bullying

Who is this?


It seems like Ripopo is giving the video version lol

Q:Members who will be the first and foremost suspect whenever there is bullying

Kotani Riho 8/22 19:24

If there is no shoes, I can’t go home~~!!!

Yamada Nana


Sooo cute!!!! Looks like a cat!

“Don’t you dare tease Grandma!!”

Who the heck was the said Grandma?!

But, I understand why Nanachan was being the one bullied.. LOL

The much loved Nanatan… XD

The shouldn’t be uploaded Photo

Fujita Nana 8/22 8:37

Good morning~~ (´v`)

Let us also try our best for today too!

Tano Tano Tano

Fujita Nana 8/22 8:39

Tanochan is putting so much energy to her face!
Fujita Nana 8/22 8:40

Now I’m by Renachan’s side~♡
Fujita Nana 8/22 8:42

This photo was saved automatically by my cellphone!
Fujita Nana 8/22 6:42

Will Tanochan be angry with me putting this photo up? (´-`) lol
Tano Yuka 8/22 8:43

Wait, wait, wait. I didn’t heard about this before!!
Tano Yuka 8/22 8:44

I’m mad!
Fujita Nana 8/22 8:44

A! She came!
Tano Yuka 8/22 8:44

I’m mad mad mad!!
Tano Yuka 8/22 8:44

Aa~ gosh, Okay, I’m going home…

This is a forbidden object LOL

There is nothing like this, even among Dragon Quest enemies LOL

This uploading of a photo without one’s permission is just one step away from getting sued LOL

>>Looking at the condition of when it is being photographed, this is a 50-50 situation LOL

In this channel, Is there someone who could identify each and every member from this all-member portrait?

Kaneko Tsuyoshi 8/22 17:03

Yesterday was the last day of NMB48 Kinki Concert Tour ~Everyone, let’s do Chapuchapu~ in Orix Theater!
In the photo are (Beginning from the left
1 : Team N, Team M, Kenkyuusei after the rehearsal (with the exception of some members)


For instance, where’s Milky?

>>Milky is… the third person on the right of Kannasan…

… I guess?

Ah, you can see the bonds between them in these kind of photos, right?

Photos of all NMB48 together is rare!

I put it the full name

There is no Momoka…

I have included the one who is on vacation as well.

>> Thank you