Weird? Cute? but somehow still funny pictures of AKB members

  August 23, 2012

Miorin and Suumelo

↑LOL This gradually causes me damages like body blows lol

 “After all, I shall say it’s Kojima Haruna, whose body is erotic.”

↑This is so epic  lol




Beef between Maturina and Masana

Starts with this….

Then goes like this….


The Borrower Masana

Airin fangirling with Manatsu

Serious look

↑These indoor shoes…lol Everyone put the same shoes on when they were elementary school kids lol

But I had the ones when I was in a kindergarten


Oshima Yuko: “There’s nothing that is wasteful.”
Kashiwagi Yuki: “Leta’s move forward whatever path you choose.”
Kojima Haruna: “There’s no such thing like win others or lose to others in our.”
Maeda Atsuko: “Because you wish, you can realize your dream☆”
Takahashi Minami: “If you can’t decide between many choices, why don’t you take on every challenge?”
Shinoda Mariko: “For the time being, do what you can do.”
Minegishi Minami: “Let’s have a big dream!”
Yokoyama Yui: “Have confidence, even if when you didin’t have anything that you can be confident of”
Watanabe Mayu: “What you love to do will become your advantage in the future!”
Sashihara Rino: “As time has passed, your story will become just a LOL story!!”

Because  I’m vulnerable to sunshine….

So why only Manatsu has just a normal smile on her face??

Togasaki Tomonobu: “The next Center of AKB is….. Shimazaki!!!”

↑No matter how heinous things would happen, I can’t dislike this man….