Sae Miyazawa Gets Serious On AKB no Gachi-Uma To Win Starring Role in Autumn Commercial of JRA

  April 13, 2012

As we reported earlier, JRA (Japan Horse Race Association) will start their new commercial an campaign series featuring AKB48 this month. All 20 year or older than 20 AKB members join “AKB Horse Race Club” and compete each other in Race betting to get starring position of the commercial for JRA. This campaign is named “AKBのガチ馬”!

ガチ means , of course, serious. So, AKBのガチ馬 means AKB’s serious horse race fight!!

According to Oricon, this campaign will air the first commercial for introducing itself. The commercial is titled “Begin”, in which staffs suddenly announce the kick start of “ガチ馬” campaign to members who are relaxing in backstage, or dressing rooms. While Takamina (高橋みなみ ) Sayaka (秋元才加) cried in surprise, Yuko (大島優子) is pleased with the announce and said “It’s gonna be fun!!”. Of course Kojiharu (小嶋陽菜), the huge horse race fan, is putting a grin on her face as though she already knew she would be the winner. That said, what they show in this commercial are different reactions each member give to the announcement.

The only member who seems to immediately get serious about the campaign is of course Sae Miyazawa (宮澤佐江), who currently serves as MC for Horse Race News and is involved in a lot of relating work. Other members turn to her for an advise, but she doesn’t tell anything helpful, just concentrating on how she gets the staring position for coming autumn JRA commercial. (It’s a starring position and the commercial has only one position, means if you don’t win, you can’t appear in the ocmmercial at all)

Because members has to submit their betting by 24:00 the day bofore race, Sae embarrasedly said that she can’t buy a ticket until she know latest weights of racing horses right before race starts.

By the way, Oricon news wrote that as soon as filming of the commercial finished, those staffs immediately turned to Sae Miyazawa (宮澤佐江), who are doing MC role for horse race TV news “Nama-Uma (Horse Latest)”, asking tips on horse race betting.

The new commercial “Begin” will begin airing 15th Apr, and “ガチ馬” campaign start accepting registration 21th the same month.


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