The latest ranking of "AKB members who are respected the most by members", 1st Takamina, 2nd Sayaka, 3rd Yuko

  August 23, 2012

What do those idiots who said Yuko is the most respected by members say about this result? She even lost to Okaro….

It’s expected that Captains have advantage.
Though I think it’s natural that Okaro got 2nd place even if she wouldn’t be a captain.
Oh wait, I’m not trying to diss Yukirin, sorry~!!

So does Kojima Haruna respect no one in AKB48?

I think she probably forgot to submit her questionnaire reply… lol

Come on Takahashi and Yokoyama are in love with each other!

Coincidentally or not, these top 3 members were the hosts for the first broadcast of ANN after the Tohoku great earthquake and Tsunami….
So actually, members and management see them almost in the same way that these 3 are reliable.

I LOL’d when I saw members who voted for Miyazawa….

I like Komori because she’s never changed her Oshimen and single-mindedly been a loyal fan of Kojiharu since the beginning.

And on the contrary, there are members who frequently change their Oshimen.
Though I should say they ask this kind of questions too much.

Let’s look it from a different perspective.

This is a list of members who are respected by members who are on the list.

Takahashi Minami → Akimoto Sayaka, Yokoyama Yui
Akimoto Sayaka → Miyazawa Sae
Oshima Yuko → Akimoto Sayaka
Shinoda Mariko → Takahashi Minami
Miyazawa Sae → Akimoto Sayaka, Oshima Yuko, Umeda Ayaka
Maeda Atsuko → n/a
Kojima Haruna → n/a
Itano Tomomi → Takahashi Minami
Yokoyama Yui → Takahashi Minami
Minegishi Minami → Takahashi Minami
Umeda Ayaka → n/a
Watanabe Mayu → Takahashi Minami
Kashiwagi Yuki → Takahashi Minami

Those who didn’t give any member’s name for their answers are so cool….

Shimada is Uruse~yo (You, Shut Up!!) even in this ranking….

By the way, when this is a question that ask who your Oshimen is, the ranking will be a whole lot different, I think.

They just answer the safest member that won’t cause any trouble.
It’s just “Honne (*honest feeling)” and “Tatemae (*diplomatic answer)”

Come on…. This ranking make me so sorry for team B.

How stable these relationship are…

Miyazawa Sae ⇔ Akimoto Sayaka
Akimoto Sayaka → Miyazawa Sae → Oshima Yuko → Akimoto Sayaka

To Okaro, Yuko is her best friend but her rival as well, so it’s a bit different from “respect”.

It’s a bit surprising that Shimazaki answered Okaro and N’s answer is Mariko…

Kikuchi’s answer is not Okaro, I think this was unexpected, too.

↑Because Kikuchi has respected Yuko since a long time ago.

↑I think Kikuchi is too close to Okaro that makes her feeling towards Okaro a bit different from “respect”.

By the way, no one wants to talk about Maeda in this ranking??

If this question was “Who is a member you admire the most?”, then she would rank fairly high (´・ω・`)

Atsuko-san is always weak in this kind of polls…

Is Acchan really an object of admiration? Really? Or probably…

↑If you look at the previous rankings, she didn’t rank that high even in “members who you admire the most” ranking…

Acchan got zero vote in the poll of the Visualbook. She even made fun of it at the MC of the theater Stage.
Compared to then, she has made a big progress.

Look, 7 out of 13 members who made the list are team K members.

So Jurina has changed her mind, and voted for Takamina instead of Shinoda!?!?
How pathetic, she used to admire Mariko so much….

↑She may still love and be gr

ateful to Mariko so much, but that feeling is a bit different from “respect” as a member of AKB, I guess.

How outstanding this biggest sect is!!
Takahashi Minami : 27 members (Iwasa, Oota, Oya, Katayama, Shinoda,Takajo, Nakagawa, Nakata, Nakaya, Itano, Uchida, Matsui Jurina, Minegishi, Yokoyama, Kasai, Kashiwagi, Kitahara, Suzuki Mariya, Masuda, Watanabe Mayu, Watanabe Miyuki, Iriyama, Iwata, Ohba, Shimada, Nakamata, Natori)

Ohba-san… (*captain of team 4)

Who have a right to vote for this poll?
There are no names regarding the members who respect Maeda.
Nor are the names of Takayanagi who respects Takahashi is written.
Or they just didn't have enough time to ask other groups members before the deadline? Or only few branch offices members provided their answers?
If they do this kind of vote, I wished that they asked all members to answer….

↑This is limited to the regular members in AKB, right?

Including Promoted Team (Hilary, A~yaloid, Marina, Nattsun, Wakanyan, Naana) as well as Concurrent positions Team

Are there no people to look up to in Team B?

↑If this was about the old team B, then CinDy would surely be included, right?

The question is that, do members want to be respected more than being popular or is it they just want to be popular than being respected by fellow members.

Popularity is the most important.
Because it is the job of a Celebrity.

Previously, in the Visual Book, who are the members close to you was the question. There were many of a one-way love kind of things and was fun to watch.

At least for this time, everyone in Kami-7 would have made it right?

I would cry if Nito would select Shinoda.

Is Sashihara not included because she is now in HKT?

↑Even if she was still in AKB, she might not be that respected LOL

This gives a hint about how sociable Shimada is.

Milky’s choice is an unexpected one
And Sayaka beat Oshima. That pretty much tells how awesome person Sayaka is!

I think Harukyan earnestly respects Acchan right?

↑She entered AKB because she admired Acchan

Seriously speaking, I don’t get why there is such a difference between Takamina + Okaro (Sayaka) and Yukirin. She started “out of the Senbatsu” and climbed to the top 3, which I think is considerably impressive. But that doesn’t merit respect?

Looking at this, I understand why Takahashi and Okaro are chosen for Team Captains.
And the reason why Yokoyama was pushed by management.
Anyways, Team B is indeed weak. Their Captain and Ace also aren’t good.
And in DIVA, it seems only Masuda is alienated.

Minegishi Minami :1 member (Morikawa)
She might answer the name of Minegishi seriously, but it will just look so odd among diplomatic answers by others, Poor A~yaloid.

Fresh Lemon is missing
↓This is the perfect version

Myao△ (*Myao is freakin’ cool)


translated by Tommy, Wingom and Christine



  1. lol jurina didn’t vote for Mariko.. what a surprise! O_O
    but she will always love Mariko the most XD

  2. snoops says:

    I wouldn’t have expected Sae-chan to have same votes as Mariko-san! Interesting!

  3. GenkiKoala says:

    Myao is very honest.

  4. Kp.DreamY says:

    I thought Maeda admired Takamina ?

  5. jop says:

    Hahaha, my prediction is right. I assumed the most respected will be Takamina, Sayaka and Yuko.