(Pickups) Oshima Yuko's boobs rubbed by Shinoda Mariko! and 4 more on Jurina's Pun etc.

  September 25, 2012

Mayuyu is cute, as always.

The belly of the girl at the top right….

What Shinoda is looking at LOL

Minegishi! Hide your teeth LOL

Chintomo! Don't fall asleep!!

Yuko! What wrong with your forehead!!

Who is sitting at the top right?

Sashihara's hand vein caught my eyes…

Recently somehow, Takamina has started looking cute….??

At least in this photo, I shall say Takamina is cute. Mayuyu is cute, too though. For the rest of the members, I refrain from making any comment.

Members who are sitting on the upper seat are (from left) Yamamoto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki, Sashihara Rino and Kawaei Rina.

Takamina's hair grew so fast….

This is nothing compared to that legendary captured image from CDTV

↑ I spewed black coffee all over the keyboard….

Orz…. This…… This is the idol of Japan….?

I kinda feel I just saw the end of Japanese Idol scene….

It's hard to surpass the impact that Maeda-san's Ohimesama Dakko photo has brought to the world…

Why doesn't she close her legs? Is this her usual habit?

She is completely an old woman in this photo….

Say….. we have the old saying that Beauty is only skin deep (Her outward beauty will attract you only for 3 days). I think she is kinda like a dried cuttlefish. The more you chew it, the more Umami it exudes…. 


If that was really the improvisation, I think she is genius…

Sure, she is good at puns, but it just made people impressed, generating no further conversations….

I don't know why, but her puns are famous for being lame LOL And she herself knows it.

But somehow, when a cute little girl do this kind of stuffs on TV, people react like “Wow she is so cute~” “She is awesome!”

Uhmmm, the world is not fair….


It's so rare to see Mariko doing this kind of stuff LOL

I thought it would be definitely Miichan but then I found it's Mariko! LOL


Can you see it?

Yoko-san is such a pervert LOL

Her face is more Yankee than Socho…

指原莉乃 松井珠理奈 大島優子 高橋みなみ ダジャレ 篠田麻里子 AKB48 SKE48 HKT48



  1. Kirito says:

    i just spat my juice all over my screen upon noticing the last pic~ ha ha

  2. nanock says:

    i’ve been thinking the same thing about takamina seeming much cuter lately. she’s entered her moteki i think

    • Kira says:

      lol ppl always joke bout how she became cuter once her hair was burned and she cut it 😛 She def did, but she’s still always pulling off goofy poses and failing, plus she can still pull off the “cool” image so good to know some things never change 🙂

  3. GenkiKoala says:

    Awesome screencaps

  4. Jake Nalton says:

    Not sure why you’d chose a picture of them and pick out all their flaws? What’s the point of that?

  5. Santa says:

    I think it would be better to change “Pranks” with “Puns” lol

  6. Bartle-D says:

    Mana-chan abunai yo lol

  7. kreepy says:

    i think those jokes are called Japanese puns instead of prank.

  8. Kevin Mario says:


    I remember another one she made with トラ and ブドウ… can’t remember which youtube videos it was from but those ones are awesome as well!!! 笑