AKB48 Sato Amina, Chikano Rina scandal: “Midnight goukon party” as reported by Shukan Bunshun

  September 26, 2012
Sato Amina Chikano Rina Shukan Bunshun Sato Amina Chikano Rina Shukan Bunshun

We were thinking that AKB48 members will be conscious about their behaviors and AKB48 will order members to tighten their self-management after our scandal report of Maeda Atsuko, but then again, only 8 days after our report, we caught the sight of AKB48 members having Gokon party. They were holding the party for 7 hours in the sleepless Shinjuku.

On Sep 20th, a little pass 23:00, 4 people, men and women, popped out at Karaoke store in Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku. Women walking after the handsome men are AKB48 girls. Team B member Sato Amina (21) and Chikano Rina (19).

The writer who is in charge of AKB48 related articles explains

“Chikano isn’t well known to people, but Sato Amina caught attention of fans back when she left a great result in the 1st Sousenkyo in 2009, and dubbed Cinderella girl.

At that time, she didn’t have much of media exposure, but she worked hard, without whining about it. And that moved fans heart and she made a great leap in the election, winning 8th spot, that no body could expect.

Sato embodied the concept of AKB48 that even though management doesn’t give her any promotional push, fans can help her win top spots with their love, namely votes. She was the symbol of the AKB48’s concept ‘Idol who you can meet’.”

The two men who they were together at the party were young actors, Hirose Daisuke (21) and Sison Jun (17).

They are dubbed “Golden Eggs” and appeared Musical “Tennins no Oujisama” (The Prince of tennis).
The original comic of this musical was a enourmous hit and the musical has been hit, too, as it is reaching total 1 million audiences milestone. Tickets for this musical is much sought after among young girls and difficult to get.

Chikano is not well known….. LOL

Because this is Gokon party, it can't be a big problem. We have the  precedent case.

Our dear Chikano LOL

Because they couldn't take a photo of them with the men, this can't be considered as an evidence.

I'm afraid this successive scandal reports of AKB members will ultimately affect the popularity of whole AKB48.

Considered popularity of Chikano on 2ch, I think everyone will easily forgive her.

LOL'd at Chikano's happy facial expression.

What the intention of Shukan Bunshun?
Is this a request from management that they report something bad about members that AKB48 wants to fire???
Otherwise it doesn't make any sense they report scandal of €this level of members

They can't fire Chikano and Amina.
Think about it, they can't fire Oshima Yuko.

↑ Don't underestimate their Double Standard.

Yuko → No penalty

Sato Amina → Fired

This can be possible.

There've been no members who got penalty more severe than suspension.
We kinda lowered our criteria after Maeda Atuko's scandal.

Probably they will be just warned severely from management.

LOL Nothing wrong with them, because they just went to Karaoke store together with men.

If this came in a normal situation, this can bring a decent impact…
But now that we saw Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko's Gokon party, I was kinda disappointed at this boring article….

No impact…. Come on, This is not Bunhun what we're talki

n about!!

Finally Chikano got her Chance no Junban!!!

It's surprising that Bunshun were following this level of members…

I guess they were following the men, and accidentally found AKB48 girls came to this party….

Wait, Chikano and Sison Jun are minors….

Hirose Daisuke (21)

Sato Amina (21)

Chikano Rina (19)

Sison Jun (17)

17…… This is clearly violating the regulation of Tokyo Metropolitan government for young people.

And according to her Google Plus on that dawn….. she was drinking…

Seems like she came back home in wee hours after drinking all night

Sato Amina   9/21 4:09

I’m sooooo thirsty!!!

Sato Amina   9/21 4:10

I drank so much!

Sato Amina   9/21 4:11

Yup! I can’t sleep!!

Sato Amina   9/21 4:12

So you guys are still up!!

Sato Amina   9/21 4:22

Yesterday, I couldn’t sleep well at all~ LOL

Sato Amina   9/21 4:23

Is this insomnia? I’m a bit scared of this now~

Sato Amina   9/21 4:28

Everything in me cried at the kindness of producer Tanabe Yudai….

Sison Jun

Hirose Daisuke


  1. lalalalala says:

    Well at least we know now that AKB like their ikemen, since a lot of other idols seem to end up with comedians somehow.

  2. Kevin Mario says:

    LEAVE AMINA ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws all sorts of dirty things at Bunshun*

  3. anon says:

    umh… no futher news about Maeda and Sato?

  4. meh says:

    Sison’s kind of cute, Hirose’s so-so *yawn

  5. biboloxo says:

    Dang, I really hope that they will release another news about Maeda… but dang, Amina…

    • Kevin Mario says:

      I really don’t think that Amina’s that kind of character, this is probably just Bunshun screwing us around again. Was just finished listening to yesterday’s Listen (Amina was hosting) and found this article… *heart breaks*

      • yeo wee kian says:

        according to a chinese web site, the management know of them going singing, and there hasnt been any ordering of alcoholic drinks, so i think nothing is wrong, most likely is just those publisher reporting bad things again

  6. hanmutil says:

    Is it because they were not in senbatsu so we only have boring pictures like this?
    It even not seem like they go together. It looks like two random guys somehow are stalking the girl.

  7. Aki-P sure having headaches these past few weeks LOL

  8. Marty says:

    Honestly, I’m really sick of Shukan’s articles. To them: Any AKB member found with a male celebrity of considerable level of popularity/male fan = in a relationship, equal group of guys and girls in a room = gokon. Nearly all the time, the eyewitness they get to comment are anonymous too.

    Perhaps some articles in the past did contain a certain level of truth and the love-ban rule was breached but often, I feel that it’s AKB management forcing the girls to lie that they were in a relationship, especially the less popular ones, so that the issue may be resolved faster.

    I know it’s difficult but my only hope is that fans continue to support and believe in their idols despite articles like this. Unless there’s any REAL evidence, let’s take everything that’s written in articles like this with a pinch of salt. We have to stay strong at times like this! I for one, don’t believe this scandal or in fact, the previous one was true at all. It just seems like Shukan treating AKB like a cash cow again.

  9. Thumbster says:

    So they just go to Karaoke. Not hotel or boys apartment. Why they have to make it such a big deal! Gosh…

  10. lincolnz777 says:

    i felt happy for chikano….

  11. lincolnz777 says:

    Anima, tomorrow you transfer to HKT48…

  12. lincolnz777 says:

    chikano really have high standards on guys….

  13. lincolnz777 says:

    put chikano in JKT48, bring takajo back…..

    • amalia says:

      What do u think JKT is? It’s not some place to exiled people :/ but well finally chikano come to JKT, ans if someday she’ll be well-known than before, then u’ll be realized that JKT is some place that make people living happily and shining more than ever

      • guest says:

        No but looking at this I would think in the future lots of unpopular 48 group idols will be looking at JKT transfer to be able to gain popularity where they couldnt get in Japan.

        • kevinMario says:

          We’ll see about that, we’ve got a successful transfer with Haruka and a failure ( or sort-of ) with Akicha based on the outcome.

          Now… I don’t think these two can be ‘the absolute example’ just yet, because their results were based on pretty much testing the waters and doing new things on the run, being the pioneers of Kaigai-gumi.

          Now Chikarina is coming in and ( I assume ) she will try to use the same recipe that Haruka’s used that led her to success – we can say blatantly that she is a guinea pig ( no offense intended ) to see if ANYONE can just come along and use a safely-tested method that will bring them success, or that Haruka is an anomaly that happens very often and there’s no such thing as “manual to stardom”

          • sirup abc says:

            i’m indonesian, i already knew about this country and true nature of its people, i won’t say akicha fail or harugon success here. because in my eyes neither of them success. harugon just barely to stay just because her bad habit “can’t read the situation” (Mariko already tell about this). you don’t know how broken moral in my country right now. all i can say takajo back to japan is a wise choice and i suggest gon follow it. until now i just can’t understand why Aki-p made sister group in indonesia? its disaster to 48Group, if he just want get money from indonesia he can make sister group in singapore and i’m sure 100% indonesia fans will come.

          • kevinMario says:

            Surprise surprise, I’m also Indonesian. I know exactly how bad it is over there ( yup, I’m an expat living overseas ) so let’s just discuss this without taking Indonesia’s moral conditions into consideration, because honestly I don’t think it has anything to do with JKT48.

            About the inception of JKT48 and not SPR48, one word comes to mind, RESEARCH.
            All in all 48G is a business first and foremost, so they won’t throw a significant amount of $$$ and put the 48 reputation on the line without having a guarantee that it will at least break even. Jakarta’s vast population and the fact that Japanese culture was (and still) enjoying a nice growth gave them that peace of mind, and the rest is history.

            As for classifying Gon as a success / failure, just look at how many CMs she starred in the last year. How many TV appearances she was on, how many center positions she took after she moved to JKT.

            Now, compare THOSE to what would’ve happened if she didn’t make the move.

            Calling her move a ‘successful’ one would be an understatement, IMO.

          • sirup abc says:

            hahaha you surprised me. but at least you knew it

          • duck you says:

            do you know what are moral means?…. Think again…do us believe words about morals from amoral man!!!!!!….ckckck… Idiot

          • guest2 says:

            Yea I knew it kevin mario, my guess is correct you are Indonesian. So am I too.

          • kevinMario says:

            er… so?

          • guest2 says:

            It seems you dont really know the situation in Singapore. Survey over there suggests most will see K-Pop. They plain dislike J-Pop nowadays let alone such kind of niche idol group like AKB, if you notice the AKB cafe there has closed barely one and half year after opening. Besides the market is small. True you may think Indonesia has flaws you just described but lets face it the market is big and theres lots of young people and still alot of Japan culture enthusiast unlike in Singapore. If you think making one in Singapore and attacting Indonesians go there is the main purpose then think again the cost of setting up there definitely would be very high, in this case why not just set up in Indonesia directly? Besides not every Indonesians have the money to go to there. So its pure basic economics. This is the consideration that lead Aki-P to make a 48 group in Indonesia. Other places to create a 48 group will be in Thailand or Philippines if Aki-P desires to do so but most likely not in Singapore. So I think you are making a wrong conclusion here my friend.

          • duck you says:

            idiot play like fans…your indonesian….ckckck you must be experinced as prisoner in indonesia…..Idiot

          • sirup abc says:

            LOL here goes the fact,, i wonder how broken moral of someone who call someone that he know nothing as idiot,, JKT48 fans really good at this stuff

          • romepertu says:

            you broken moral…you said you indonesian ppl, but you worse your country… just MUNAFIK people said that… you must be SAMPAH

          • ninja iga says:

            well, very “educated opinion” here…….. I don’t know the colleration between moral here….
            money, i am not a naive people. That’s right, every business has orientation to money……
            My suggestion, please, try to think before make a post….. i know everyone has freedom to post but try to be a wise person.
            PS: not all people of Indonesian have broken moral, there are many people with kind hearthed people in Indonesia. Well, try to see Indonesia from different way.

    • HarugonOshi says:

      Holy shit, this comment actually became reality…!!! Both of these things happened!!! Makes you wonder if Aki-P actually comes and visit WrapUp to get ideas for team shuffles…. 😀

    • daisuki says:

      hohoho.. this comment became reality… now “Disband JKT” 😀

      • novakayne27 says:

        lmao… wouldnt want them to disband though since Harugon is over there and they’re making my Kami Oshi happy

        • daisuki says:

          oh it’s simple just put Harugon as Vice Captain of Team KIV… she will develop greatly rather than stay in JKT48… you know what? i always feel facepalm when see rude host in indonesia insult or making nasty joke about her… Gon is one of my oshi so i want her to stay out from bad people and meet some kawai girls so it would be good if she transfer as Vice Captain in team KIV.. after all Captain of team KIV is Aichan ^^

          • ken says:

            You’re making a biased comment on JKT. I understand your frustration about overseas sister group, but JKT and SNH is not a copycat but an official group and part of 48G. Maybe some of the indonesian host seems rude to you and me but we can’t judge them in our way. I’m not familiar with their joke neither are you. Not to be rude but maybe for some in another country and region a japanese host like in AKBingo is being rude to the AKB members. Always hit them in the head and insulting guest based on their appearance. Maybe japanese people find it funny (I think some of that is funny) but for others it’s not. I’m not defending any particular groups but as a fan of 48G I want to support all the groups including JKT and SNH. I find that some girls from JKT and SNH is cute and deserved my attention. You should check out on them. See and hear them performing in their theater and judge by that. Don’t just google it in internet and make comment based on that

          • novakayne27 says:

            Lol, not everybody in Jakarta is rude, thats the way TV works… If she was more popular in japana she would get bashed in the same way, its meant to be entertaining…Shimada gets bashed constantly about her weight and popularity but she knows thats its all meant with good intentions of making the shows interestings

            As for Gon sama to HKT, i think she fits best right where she’s at in JKT, shes more popular than shes ever been or ever will be in one of the mainland 48groups and shes happy which is hte most important thing…. Besides HKT is my favorite 48group and i dont want anybody messing up group chemisty that they built from scratch over the last couple years even if that person may be my ultimate 48g oshi Harugon… Let Lovetan have HKT cause she successfully revived her career as well and deserves to be rewarded

          • tomomo says:

            Yeah, someday you will take back your comment daisuki san…..
            Your avatar name doesn’t show the real meaning of that word…..
            Sorry i’m a litte bit mad
            Rude host? we don’t know about Haruka feeling about the host….. Please, don’t judge from one way view
            Perhaps all of this visitor in this forum need to think again why we like AKB’s Group…..

          • Navia Aru says:

            @.Daisuki, no one rude to haruka in indonesia, its just joke..
            You are rude to use your brain. If haruka don’t like to live in indo, she will quickly fly to japan now… but you can see, she still keep live here.. Don’t you know the reason why?..or must I tell here……….???????
            your oshi is haruka??…came on man , Hopefully you could splash your head to pool…

      • benimaru says:

        why not disband yourself, and save the rest of mankind in this planet? please try to find a minimarket near your place, buy a bottle of mosquito spray, drink it. If you die, i’ll be gladly to take care of your cremation. i’ll even pay for the mosquito spray if you want 🙂

      • jun says:

        Nice idea.. Disband JKT will come true 2 years later/2016.

        (this comment for future, like “lincolnz777 comment”)

        Well, I am waiting from now
        – February 26/2014 – 11:56 GMT+7

        • tomomo says:

          How about AKB get that disband……
          What do you say then?
          I am very dissapoint with this forum……
          Why insult the young sister……. I don’t understand what happen with people like you……

        • guest says:

          LOL , the idea is that it will surely happen earlier than its Japan sister group for sure since its in a foreign land where market segment is different. Its just that we dont know when that will happen. At the moment its is still riding high on popularity and management is trying its best to keep it afloat for as long as it takes.

      • guest says:

        Unbelievable. It really comes true. LOL. The power of words.

    • sakazuki says:

      Amazing this comment is true

    • ichigo says:

      OMG your comment become true

    • bang2tang says:

      AKB team must be read this comment before.

    • benimaru says:

      sir, i desperately beg you to curse Miyuki to be transferred to JKT..

  14. Vodka says:

    Soon Shukan bunshun will be publishing articles like:

    On September 20th @ (insert late time of day here) in the sleepless tokyo, [insert akb48 member here] was seen walking to the left. This is a scandal because it is said that at this time of day, [insert akb48 member here] should be walking to the right instead.

    Some male humanoids were talking to the left about 80 paces ahead of [insert akb48 member here], so it is believed that they were partying all night…and drinking may have been involved.


    • Mario Medves says:

      Why only AKB members?

      On Sep 20th, a little passed 23:00, 4 people, men and women, popped out at Karaoke store in Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku. Women walking after the handsome men are AKB48 staff. Shinobu and Kyoko (Nishiyama).
      The two men who they were together at the party were old members staff, AkiP and TGSK.
      Secretly they going in a Karoke to sing songs only from H!P an Momo-Clo. We are waiting now apologise for AKB fans.

  15. moofuq says:

    Why Bunshun makes Japan sounds like Arab countries. Girls cannot hang out with boys?? :DDD

  16. Peechan says:

    I feel nothing about this article. Just drink all the night and what? It’s nothing.

  17. cryt says:

    this is not interesting at all, Shukan is coming off as desperate and obviously on a witch hunt.

    btw, I can’t see Amina going to gokon and trying to seduce any ikemen in that wrinkly rectangle retro-reject bowling shirt and unstyled hair. If she and Chikano get suspended, demoted, or even fired for this, then this is total BS and shows AKB is not a place where hard work is always rewarded.

  18. anonne says:

    Meeeeeeh… Honestly, after reading this post, all I can say is that Shuukan Bunshun is getting more and more disturbing with their stalker attitude. It also says a lot that these morbird tabloids care so much about idols dating while their fans don’t even give a damn. And thus far there doesn’t seem to be anything that would count as a damning evidence so what’s the point in publishing the article?
    Hopefully, neither of the girls will get in trouble. Amina still has a role in AKB0048 season 2 and sure enough the management won’t jeopardize the project because of a petty smear campaign.

  19. mchan1 says:

    Shukan actually wants to create a scandal on 2 girls that rarely appear
    in AKB events?! We know who those 2 girls are but does the general public even know who those two are?!

    At least show some pictures of Amina’s butt like it did of Acchan. 😉

    A time of reckoning is coming to Shukan for this crap it’s pulling… the company must really hate AKB yet loves them since it brings them money from all the crappy scandal stories it publishes.

  20. Takamina is in charge of discipline now as Akimoto said these are her problems now so she probably invited them into a darkened room and gave them some girl talk

  21. sison and hirose are kinda handsome man tbh…

    amina and chkarina are great to pick gorgeous man in Japan…