(Pickups) What TBS’s news program will talk about AKB’s reckless challenge in China? and 3 more!

  September 26, 2012
Fukumoto Aina 19:19 9/25



As always, Hadouho looks sooo awesome LOL

【Photo shooting check sheet that Ainyan posted before】

Fukumoto Aina 7/25


Staffs then again made prank with the name list sheet~~~!

Look at this! My Hadouho has become bigger~~!! I’m version upped!!



But why Sayanee is not castle??

Watababe Miyuki 9/25 16:24

I’m on filming now♥



Ayanyan has been even changed her name by them LOL

Fukumoto Aina → Hadouho Musume

I know, Sayanee will become Karaage Lemon next time.

Kadowaki Kanako 23:25 9/25

Photo shooting check sheet for today.

Maachun = プリキュア (Precure)

Me = Fishing

Kishino Rika = Herself

Kinoshita Haruna = ゾロ (Zoro)

Ogasawara Mayu 9/26 0:34

Awesome LOL


LOL Is this because Kinoshita Haruna loves Zoro from Once Piece???

I guess it was difficult to describe Rikanyan’s shoulder width in this tiny space……

And i thought would become Buddhism rosary beads.

They gotta use inverted triangle mark like a sign for men’s toilet for Kishino Rika.


Minegishi Minami 7:06pm 9/25

I’m in Fukuoka with Yukirin

Yukirin so pleasantly talks about her personal matters which is nothing to do with me.

She is so cute.

Sassy and HKT members! It was a nice performance (^^) So much fun~♬



What are they doing there?

Probably it will be the new midnight show “Hakata Hyakkaten” that Sashihara will serve as a host.

And they said AKB48 members will guest the show every time.

That’s it

Sashihara Rino 15:45

It was so fun. For the first time in a long time, it Rocked so much.

Sure. Yukirin was the guest of the 1st episode of the show, which means Miichan will guest the 2nd episode of the show!


I’m not sure Miyazawa Sae will appear in the show, but I have to record it just in case.

上海版 = Shanghai Version.

I mistook this with 海賊版 = Piracy version.

Phew…. they have a rocky road ahead…

Anyway, both JKT and SNH are the project that AKB48 collaborated with the ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry affairs.

If it’s really dangerous and unacceptable in terms of diplomatic viewpoint, would be stopped by the officials of the ministry of Foreign affairs.

The thing is whether the 2 ministries can cooperate each other or the foreign Ministry are irritated by METI’s optimistic or even reckless bet called “Cool Japan”??


Tano Yuka 9/25 22:02

Thank you so much for the person who told me that there’s a new TanoTomu movie!! Everyone! Let’s check it out! It made me tears(´;ω;`)
Tano Yuka 22:04

I gotta tell this to Tomu!



I bet the creator of this video was so exhilarated.

Because last time, Tanochan saw the previous movie of this creator and asked fans to make more videos for Tanochan and Tomu.

And this time, he responded to her with this video.

Tano: “Guys! You gotta make 2nd Tano Tomu Video!”

We don’t have enough videos of you two.

Tano: “Than I will film more TanoTomo videos!!”

That’s how things went on.

Tano Yuka 9/25 22:09

I will watch the movie again!( ゚∀゚ )

Tano Yuka 9/25 22:20

Yeahhh!! I watched it twice!!( ゚∀゚ )
Tano Yuka 9/25 22:20

I told Tomu about the movie(=^・・^=)

Tano Yuka 10:42pm


( ゚∀゚ )♥(゜レ゜)

Tano Tomu 9/25 22:44

Tomu said she watched the movie( ゚∀゚ )