Tano Yuka and Muto Tomu The Best Couple of the Next Generation of AKB48

  September 26, 2012

Tanochan always openly appeals her love for Tomu, while she is a sort of DD, LOL. And Tomu who is always cool and kinda like Tanochan's big sister, while she is also a sort of Tsundere and sometimes jealous when Tanochan is being DD for other girls.

Watching at them makes me laugh,  itchy but soooo sweet.

I love that Muto looks she is cutely annoyed by Tanochan, but actually it's probably Muto, who is holding the camera.

Because of her height and personality, it's not widely known but Tanochan is actually such a beautiful girl, isn't it?

↑ That's exactly my thought!

When she grows up, I 'm picturing that she will be a girl like Kuroki Meisa, cuter version of Kuroki.

Anyway, both are so cute.

It's so Moe that both girls look like they are poor at love relationship.

Tanochan may be too serious and grave as a girlfriend, and Tomu may not reveal her honest feeling, which may make boys worried and stay away from her…

Tano Yuka X Muto Tomu (TomuYuka)

Kawaei Rina X Takahashi Juri (Juricchan)

Yokoyama Yui X Nagao Mariya (YuiYagi)

Ishida Haruka X Fujie Reina (Yome Danna)

Yamauchi Suzuran X Nagao Mariya (SuzuYagi)

When Tanochan and Tomu meet together, Tanochan wrote “(I will meet with) Me dear girl” on Google Plys. And fans were guessing whether it's Tomo or Messi (Takahashi Juri) or Karen. 

Then Tomu sent Mobame where she wrote “I will go out for fun with the girl who is always noisy”, and that was Goo Moe….^^

↑That was sooo sweet momemt.

It's nice if looks Tanochan will be able to sleep over at Tomu's home anytime soon.

I love the fact Tomo is using that photo where Tanochan popped out her face behind Tomu as her profile picture for Google Plus.

That always makes my heart…

Tano Yuka 23:00 8/8

It was so fun to talk with Seri (HKT48 Kumazawa Serina) on Google Plus(ヽ´ω`)?

I'm looking forward to seeing her next time ( ̄ー ̄)grin*


Muto Tomu 23:07

So it's not that much fun to talk with me (^^)← LOL

And Tanochan's reaction to this Tomu's comment was so sweet ^^

Tano Yuka 23:30

Tano Yuka 23:30

I sent a message to Tomu(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)
Tano Yuka 23:31

I wonder if Tomu will reply to me…
Tano Yuka 23:32

No….. Noooooo( ;∀;)( ;∀;)( ;∀;)( ;∀;)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)ウッ…(´;ω;`)ウッ…(´;ω;`)ウッ…(´;ω;`)ウッ…:(;゙゚'ω゚')::(;゙゚'ω゚')::(;゙゚'ω゚'):
Tano Yuka 23:34

Why the heck am I DD( ;∀;)( ;∀;)( ;∀;)( ;∀;)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)
Tano Yuka 23:36

I haven't received a reply(´;ω;`)
Tano YUka 23:40

I thought I got a reply from Tomu, but that was from Oshima Ryoka~ LOL
Tano Yuka 23:43

Coz I replied to her ,”He?”. she replied “Did you fart?” Damn!
Tano Yuka 23:44

I gotta reply “Just go to bed early, kid.”(ヽ´ω`)ww
Tano Yuka 23:45

I’m not going to bed! That's what she said( ・`д・´)
Tano Yuka 23:46

I asked why, then she said it's because she is an adult!!


Oshima Ryoka~~~!(# ゚Д゚) w

Tano Yuka 23:47

You're a child, your height, your inside, you mind, everything is like a child! That's what I replied to her(*゚∀゚)
Tano Yuka 23:48

She replied “So does Yuka-san!” Crap~~~~(# ゚Д゚)
Tano Yuka 23:49

So I replied “Hehe~” then she once again said “Fart! Again!”

“So you know what? Idol doesn't fart. DOYA!”, I replied.

Tano Yuka 23:53

Oh no! Oshima Ryoka finally made a remark that is 100% inappropriate as ab idol LOL
Muto Tomu 23:54

It's so funny (^O^)
Muto Tomu 23:55

Ahhhhh Tomu! Why don't you give me a reply(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)(´;ω;`)

Muto Tomu 0:59

???? Did I make her scared (´・ω・`)?
Tano Yuka 0:59

Because Tomu… so were so much (TOT)
Tano Yuka 1:00

Was I that much scary?
Tano Yuka 1:01am


Coz Tomu is the only person who I can reveal everything, and I can't reveal everything to anyone but Tomu. So just imagining what if Tomu would stay away from me made me so scared (TOT)(TOT)(TOT)

Tanochan and Muto Tomu are exactly the girls fans want to support and don't want management to give them weird push.

I hope that they will grow quickly☆

During the MC at team A's performance with full members.

Muto Tomu: “Because I haven't gone out to play with anyone but Tano Yuka this summer, I would like to go out to play with someone else too.”

Despite she is being Tsun in most the time, she kinda boasts of their relationship LOL

Muto Tomu 1:04

I didn't mean like that (^_^;)
Tano Yuka 1:05

Me, too, was a child (TOT) I'm going to become an adult~~~~(TOT)
Muto Tomu 1:06

Noooo It's so boring if Yuka will become an adult\(^o^)/
Tano Yuka 1:37

Then I will just normally grow to be an adult instead of being influentially trying to become it.
Muto Tomu 1:07

That's nice (^^)☆
Tano Yuka 1:38

By the way, Tomu….

YOU're so sadistic♥♥♥

Damn, damn dam~~~~~n♥

Muto Tomu 1:08

If I was sadistic, then Yuka is masochistic LOL
Tano Yuka 1:09

I'm not M!!!

I'm Y( ・`д・´)

Tanochan's love for Tomu is genuinely real.

Bu then again Tanochan is cheating on other girls LOL

After all, she is also a perfect DD.

The fact that I really love about them is

Muto Tomu, who seems to treat Tanochan just casually and rarely speak out her love to Tanochan openly, actually does love Tanochan and we can sense it from many of her comments^^

Tanochan is accepting questions from fans.

Tano Yuka 8/9 23:43

Relationship with Tomu? = Serious LOVE
Tano Yuka 23:34

Who do I want to marry if members were men?

Of course Tomu!!


Natori Wakana 8/11 16:38

I'm at Tomu's house now♥


Tano Yuka 16:44

How come……. why…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna die….

Natori Wakana 16:46


Now Tomu is mine(´ε` )

Tano Yuka 16:47

No way!!

SO why in the world did this happen(TOT)(TOT)(TOT)(TOT)(TOT)

Muto Tomu 16:48

Because you rejected my invitation( .) LOL
Natori Wakana 16:49

Tanochan is talking to Tomu on the phone.

She is so cute….^^

Tano Yuka 16:52

Because I didn't have enough money~~~~~(TOT)(TOT)(TOT)(TOT)

Cry cry cry (TOT)

If I knew this would happen, I did go to fireworks with Tomu…. (TOT)

Muto Tomu 16:59

She is making a call, crying LOL
Tano Yuka 17:01

We….wait! That again makes people regard me as a child(´・ω・`)
Tano Yuka 17:02

I…. I've already overcome it…..|д゚)‥‥‥
Tano Yuka 17:03

Wakanyan-san I'm jealous of you|д゚)
Natori Wakana 17:03

Tomu's mom presented me a bracelet♥ She is so nice.
Tano Yuka 17:03

Tomu's mom~~~~(TOT)
Natori Wakana 17:05

You're a cute kid _φ( ̄ー ̄ )♥
Tano Yuka 17:06

I'm jealous of you, Wakanyansan (TOT)

Tomu is Dere for Wakanyan-san,

You got a bracelet from Tomu's mom….

Besides, you're at Tomu's house now|д゚)

Natori Wakana 17:07

Are you sulking? (^^) Cute.
Tano Yuka 17:08

I will sleep over at Tomu's house next time|д゚)!!Doya!


Best friends, Mom and Daughter, Sisters, Business partner..

Either of these words can't describe their relationship well.

After all, Couple is the best word to describe Tanochan and Tomu.

That's it.

I'm moved by this fanmade movie…. (vol.2)


Tanochan also watches this movie again and again. She said she was also moved….

Mohe~ヽ(゚⊥゚)人(´∀`) Ahaha



  1. Jessica says:

    One in A and the other in K? Another Kojiyuu?

  2. Mr says:

    I think I’m gonna folow this couple~

  3. Blin says:

    They are really cute together. I’m following them for awhile and their interaction never disappoint 😀
    These are the moments when I’m really glad for the g+ idea 🙂