Yuukosu resumed Pokemon one night after the tragedy (and 3 other stories on Team K after RESET Stage, Tano Tomu and Yuuskosu)

  June 27, 2012

Cute relationship between next generation’s aces

Muto Tomu on G+ 6/25 23:53

I’m back to home~(^ ^)
Today, it was Kitahara-san’s Sentansai(Birthday Celebration Festival)!!
Kitahara-san, happy birthday??
Somehow, I felt like meeting Karen….☆

Tano-chan would get jealous of Karen….. lol

Muto Tomu “I just feel like meeting Karen for no reason lol I didn’t mean anything particular(*´∀`)笑”
Tano Yuka “So the person you want to meet is not Yuka!?(・д・`●) Alright!! Enough of it!! I’ll go back home!!”
Muto Tomu “But we frequently meet each other (so I thought I don’t necessarily name your as a person who I want to meet.) (;´∀`)笑 “
Tano Yuka “No!!! We haven’t met each other at all!! (I want to meet you anyway!!)”

LOL Tomu is always “Tsun” toward Tano-chan.

I guess Tomu is enormously popular among girls in her school….

Natori Wakana “Wow you’re so cool in this photo!!”
Tano Yuka “Come on!! Hurry!!! I have something that I want to talk to you!!”
Muto Tomu “Then will we practice together tomorrow?”
Muto Tomu “Wakanyan-san (´∀`)♪ Thank you~~ (^^)?”
Tano Yuka “I was thinking to go to hospital tomorrow….. (’Д‘;;;)”
Tano Yuka “So Tomu, what will you practice about???”
Muto Tomu “RESET Stage~(^^)/……. Are you sick???(´・ω・`)?
Tano Yuka “Wow I heard it’s the first time you perform the stage!! I wanted to stand on the stage with you….(・д・`●) …. Yeah I don’t feel fine lately….””

What happened to Tano-chan?????

She complained about pain at the back of the head yeasterday…..

So she will go to hospital to be examined her pain?? If so, I would get worry about her….

Tano Yuka ” I’ll take a bath (゜_゜) Good night everyone~.”
Muto Tomu “Then, let’s meet and play together when you get better (^^)”
 Muto Tomu “Will you sleep over at my house during summer holidays??”
Tano Yuka ” I will!! I will! I definitely will!!!”
 Muto Tomu ” Then visit my house when I’m free after I finish the end-of-term exam~~~~(’ω‘)”

Yuukosu resumed Pokemon game

The day before yesterday



Nakanishi Chiyori on G+


What the heck is this scenery where she is playing DS with such a cute ribbon ・ε*ムー

By the way, Yuukosu said she lost her Gugutasu cellphone, and is looking for it.

That’s all.

Imada Mina “Boo!”
Nakanishi Chiyori “Actually I also play a game~☆ I love Pokemon~~~♪”

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I actually want to erase her data and see her cry again lol
It makes me want to play Pokemon again.
I guess she save tons of times as she is traumatized by the accident…

Annin’s in sexy room wear

Iriyama Anna on G+

Room!! wear!!

Why you hide you mouth????? lol

Man, this drives me insane…… (coz she is so sexy.)



This is perfect composition for self portrait!

By the way why she hide her mouth lol It just makes this photo looks something like prostitute’s blog lol (Because they often hide their mouth in order to conceal their identity)

Sneak peek of her armpit, sneak peek of her thighs….. Ohhhhhhhhh

Annin, I give you 100/100!!!
Your face is too cute to be true!! And your armpit!! You did it in a perfect way to arouse our imagination the most!!!

I think we can self-examine whether we have fetish about thighs or armpits lol

Takahashi Juri “This makes me feel so sexually aroused… (literal translation: This is dangerously sexy….)”

LOL Juri….

Is Juri in the same tribe as Naana (who has severe crush on Mitsumune Kaoru) ????

Team K after RESET Stage

Yokoyama Yui 6/26 21:15

We finished with RESET stage!!!

We are now writing comment cards for On Demand (DMM).

LOL It’s like Reinyan is possessed by Kitarie.

Don’t stare at me lol

Jurina’s back……

Uhmm wait, is Reinyan doing mirror writing!?!?

 Yeah!! I couldn’t notice until you said!!

The sheer difference between the size of Okaro’s hand and Reinyan’s…..
Why she has such a rugged hand lol

It exactly like “FIST”!!! lol

It’s so nice to see after she hasbecome popular TV personality Sayaka still takes her job seriously and diligently do these kinds of errands ^^

Mariko “there’re always something that can be gotten across to you correctly.”

Shinoda Mariko on G+

Kyoukyoku is over ( *`ω´)
When I think about Sashiko . . . When I think about the TV program . . . I think it’s difficult to convey you what we are actually trying to tell you and there’re always something that can be gotten across to you correctly. Anyway, there were a lot of things that happened today !!

I feel that she wants to say something to the direction of today’s episode of Kayoukyoku…..

So it looks Mariko also has mixed feeling for live-broadcasting prank on Sashiko made by Kayoukyoku….

I rather want members keep distance from this issue….. though it looks like she thought she has to say something after all this media fuss….