Akimoto Yasushi says “Love Ban Law is just a ‘fun thing’ to make 48G more captivating (and marketable)”

Common Things For Newbie AKB Fans

Core idol wota/plastic surgeon Takasu announced most sought-after celebrity faces, Paruru is atop the ranking!

Maeda Atsuko shares a time when she thought Takamina was too angry LOL

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Mステ: Kato Rena and Fujie Reina appear in Music Station as Under for Minegishi Minami and Watanabe Miyuki


For today’s Music Station (Music TV show on Asahi TV broadcasting Co.), Kato Rena and Fujie Reina appeared in as Under for Minegishi Minami and Watanabe Miyuki (absent due to

AKB Members who have Flawless Skin


” Wasamin! ” This must be Kaoru-kun! (Mitsumune Kaoru) ” Of course, the No.1 Ugly-Cute girl of 48 group, Maachun!!! ※Ogasawara Mayu ” It’s time for the stealth marketing of Yukko!! ※Kinoshita

AKB48 MVs that have the best appearance of each member


” Please share your opinion following the form below. (Member’s name) shines the most in (Song’s name)’s MV You choice is limited to MVs. ” Meetan was shining the most

TV Recap – AKBINGO #175 2012/10/10 Kitahara Rie ~答えてトーゼン (You can answer it)~


AKBINGO! 25:14~25:44 Nihon TV net Coming soon is hosted by Ohba Mina & Kato Rena Let’s test the friendship with quiz about yourself! Popular segment, “You can answer it!” If you’re

Akimoto Sayaka said “AKB48 these days is too far from fans” during team K’s RESET


2012/10/05 RESET Stage –Akimoto Sayaka – Self Introduction MC– “Strong, noble and beautiful.” I’m Sayaka Akimoto, 24 years old, known as Sayaka for short.” “Recently I’ve been thinking of a

Waiting Stage of New Team B to start from November 3rd


” Oh man, it’s too soon. Will Kojima-san be alright? ” Possible formation Fuji_Haruu_Miori_Miyu_Komo _Kato_Suzu__Mina_Anya_ ___Mine_Koji_Ume___ ____Milky__Kashi____ ______Paru______ ” When will the members with little promotional support will perform in

AKB members got hurt by harsh words from female Morning Musume fan and one more!


Seven Eleven's Christmas goods catalog has AR marker beside each item. When you pass your smartphone over the marker, AKB48 member, who is preparing for Christmas pop out in the screen and start

Takayanagi Akane Struggles with Smartphones and Stunningly Ikemen Harukyan


. “↑I guess she just wanted to appeal Churi:Camera….. “ . “Yea-sayer, Gorisa….. “Why she writes it “スマフォ” not “スマホ” LOLMy experience tells me that people who writes it “スマフォ”

SNH48 Applications Flood In!


AKB48’s International Sister Group “SNH48” had a Flood of Applications! Even a Chinese Fan Club Already Established SNH48Application Taking Starts!!! 26th July, 2012. The application taking for AKB48’s international sister

Team K’s Okinawa Concert


ItanoTomomi ✔ @tomo_coco73 Once I took a photo with Oshima it was backlit.(lol) pic.twitter.com/RigGkbH7 2012 7月 22 返信 リツイート お気に入りに登録 Increasing to reveal more details… I would’ve been so grateful if

JKT members ”Ramadan is just around the corner! Let’s hang in there during Ramadhan!!” (and 1 other topic on Mayuyu and Harukyan)


Ishida Haruka Today we joined 2 Stage!Women-only Stage that we held for the first time in a long time,and Kashiwagi Yukirin-san’s Seitansai*I got so sweaty >< GeezI took a photo

Episodes of AKB members that surprised you when you first heard about them.


“Kuramochi’s dad was a professional baseball player. “Sashihara-san is/was sexually aggressive. “The moment that I discovered that one of the members lives in my neighborhood (about 30m if you measure

(Pictorial report) AKB48 Janken Tournament Bracket


On July 8, trials for AKB48 29th Single Senbatsu Janken tournament was held at Kobeastu handshake event for AKB’s 26th single “Manatsu no SG!”. Team A Takahashi Minami: “Luck is also

Yuukosu resumed Pokemon one night after the tragedy (and 3 other stories on Team K after RESET Stage, Tano Tomu and Yuuskosu)


Cute relationship between next generation’s aces Muto Tomu on G+ 6/25 23:53 I’m back to home~(^ ^) Today, it was Kitahara-san’s Sentansai(Birthday Celebration Festival)!! Kitahara-san, happy birthday?? Somehow, I felt

Election winners swimsuits photobook goes on sale on August 1 (and 3 other topics on Sashiko, Reinyan with Nakanishi Rina look alike and Robber at handshake event)


Election winners swimsuits photobook AKB48 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo, total 64 members of Senabatsu, Undergilrs, Nextgirls and Futuregirls are introduced in a “cound down” style only in this photobook!! All

‘That is Mutual Love?’ AKB48’s Iriyama Anna exhibited a questionable voice with ‘Mutual Love Ticket’


AKB48’s Iriyama Anna’s Google+ just posted about the joy of obtaining a “Mutual Love Ticket”. There was a considerable number of questions from readers, such as “What do you mean?”

What If Takamina Sings Mayuyu’s Syncro Tokimeki


While Mayuyu is gradually going being recognized as a virtual center of AKB’s next chapter, residents of Japanese online communities are spinning their wild fancy for our dear leader Takamina. They