Akimoto Sayaka said “AKB48 these days is too far from fans” during team K’s RESET

  October 10, 2012



–Akimoto Sayaka – Self Introduction MC–

“Strong, noble and beautiful.” I’m Sayaka Akimoto, 24 years old, known as Sayaka for short.”

“Recently I’ve been thinking of a goal that I want to accomplish in the near future…

So UZA will be released and this AKB48’s next song is very cool.

So when I have a chance to perform the song at AKB48 Theater, I want to perform it cooler than Senbatsu members.”

“Probably I think people who’ve come to this place feel what they see in person, namely the Stage and performance on the Stage.

So even though Senbatsu members have a huge advantage, if there’re people who think non-Senbatsu members are also nice when they see the performance of UZA at the theater, I will feel very glad, and because UZA is a type of a song that I’m bad at, so it may change something in me, I think.

So I think even though you’re not in Senbatsu, you have a chance to perform and appeal yourefl through this song, and if we can perform the song with this in mind, it will be definitely be good for everyone.

So I hope we can show our various aspects, various faces for today’s stage. Please enjoy it.”

–MC 3–

Miyazawa: “I think it’s nice! It’s more humane when you sneeze in public!”

Fujie Reina: “It makes your mind clear.”

Miyazawa: “I prefer it, because it feels more human.”

Akimoto: “And it makes us more familiar to people. After all, we’re the idol who you can meet.”

(Audiences laughed a bit)

Miyazawa: “We want to always be close to fans.”

Akimoto: “AKB48 these days is too far from fans.”

(Audiences applauded at her)

Tanabe: “It’s great of you.”

Miyazawa: “My heart is and always be placed here, my home” Miyazawa crouched down.

They’re dubbed “Idol Who You can’t come to meet” in some TV shows,

and as members who’ve supported AKb48 Theater for these years, they must have a complex feeling about the current situation where it’s so difficult to buy tickets.

Okaro is freaking Cool.

Management is insane that they didn’t include Okaro in UZA Senbatsu.

As expected of Okaro….

I heard Togasaki has been considering to hold Theater performance at Tookyo Dome Theater Rosso (765 seats), but I bet they won’t materialize it…

If she told this when she has no work outside AKB48, it just sounds miserable, but she has a plenty of work outside AKB48 but still never spares efforts to work for her home, starting point, AKB48 Theater and fans at the theater. She is a pronoun of “freaking cool”….

>So when I have a chance to perform the song at AKB48 Theater, I want to perform it cooler than Senbatsu members.

But We won’t be able to see UZA performed by the current team K, right?

↑Probably not, and when she made this remark (Oct 5th was Friday), it seemed they didn’t know when the new team system will start and when the final day of RESET will be held.

Okaro is professional. She only only cares about her own success but always cares about fans as well as the sholw 48 group.

Actually Iwasa’s promotional campaign is more like AKB.

You don’t need ID cards, you can attend the event for free, no limit on audience number, and you can shake hands with her if you buy her CD on the site, but it’s up to you whether you want to buy the one or not.

I was watching this performance in person, and applause from audiences were enormous when Okaro made the remark. 

What captivating about Okaro is she is innocent or I should say she is upstanding and courage that she can openly state what she believe right.

And there’s Sae who always support her.

I hope they will perform UZA say… at the final stage of RESET…

Especially it gives Umeda, Akimoto and Miyazawa huge motivation….

And I believe there’re many people who want to watch it.

>So UZA will be released and this AKB48’s next song is very cool.

>So when I have a chance to perform the song at AKB48 Theater, I want to perform it cooler than Senbatsu members.”

Her mental strength is amazing…..

With her current situation no matter how hard she make efforts, she can’t be selected for Senbatsu, it takes a lot of nerve for her to make this remark.

It’s all because she is keenly aware of the current situation of AKB48 and herself why she is so strong, and that made her make this “Distant” remark.

I know Okaro can dance UZA cooler than almost all Senbatsu members.

↑But as she herself said, she is not good at this type of dance routine, right?

Though she may look cool over all…..

No one in Senbatsu can beat her appearance and singing,

But when it comes to Dancing, Okaro would probably lose to most of them.

I wonder why she said she is not good at this type of coreography when she’s practiced dancing a lot for DiVA.

Or is this a remark that actually shows her confidence?

Kaze ha Fuiteiru by Okaro

I know many fans have felt a complex feeling about the current Senbatsu members, but praising Okaro doesn’t make any change..

Okaro can’t be selected Senbtasu because she is not very popular in handshake event, election and overall.

If you want to complain, why not actually take action and buy something for her?

The problem is Senbatsu members rarely appear in theater performances…

↑When AKB48 is thriving, all agencies take it as a chance to make money….

It doesn’t make any sense to spare popular members schedule for theater performances which doesn’t make any money….

Anyway, there’s nothing she can do with this situation, nor her fans…

Senbatsu members sure enjoy tons of media exposure but at the same time, they’re consumed with tons of handshake events, TV works……

Probably Okaro’s position, where she may be able to do what she wants to do, but at the same time she realizes that she can’t go higher in AKB48 no matter how hard she tries , is the ideal to look at AKB48 in the most subjective manner….

Actually Senbatsu members are also working insanely hard… I bet they work way harder than Okaro….

By the way, recently we rarely see Okaro in variety TV shows….

Actually AKB’s concept where you appeal to a small number of fans at the theater and fans closely watch their growth, has been already crumbled.

It’s far more efficient to make an brief appearance on TV than to appeal only 250 audiences at the theater,

When they’ve become that popular, it’s natural they have become distant from fans.

↑AKB’s concept is direct response from fans to the girls and the fact fans have a tremendous influence to the growth of the girls.

Your remark clearly shows that you don’t know what it takes to perform in front of 250 audiences, in such a close range.

It’s something similar to those actors who’ve forged their career from the small theater. Even though their goal is not to be an actress or singer, this experience will surely benefit them.

That is the concept of AKB48 and what AKimoto and Togasaki expressed they put supreme value on, again and again, but…..

Now that they can sell out tickets without any particular efforts, you can’t easily deny the possibility that there may be many members that want to choose the most efficient way…