Election Speech 3rd: Yuki Kashiwagi

  June 11, 2012

After members who are below 16 y/o left the venue, we reached the announcement of 3rd place.

Yukirin was having a very silent and distant look. To her right was Mayuyu, who were crossing her hands in front of her face. What a handsome sight! Yuko turned her head to look at her left, then turn to see the front. Her eyebrows a little ハ-shaped, but looked relatively poised, if not relaxed.

Yukirin tightly clasping her hands in her lap. Her head a little bent down.

As Tokumitsu-san started to announce the result, the lighting got dimmed, Yukirin raised her crossing hands to in front of her chest. Yuko was closing her eyes.

When Yukirin’s name was called, Mayuyu wide opened her eyes, had very surprised face, while next to her, Yukirin smile was shining so brilliantly.
Then the program briefly showed the cut of Acchan, who looked so surprised and shoked as her eyes opened wide, placed her hand on her mouth.

(Yuko squinted her eyes a little, as she cocked her face. Yukirin showed no sign of upset, as she was gently walking to the stage. Mayuyu had a expression of pathos, which reminded us of Jurina when Rena’s ranking was announced.)

4th Yuki Kashiwagi


Thank you so much everyone for supporting and voting for me.

(Yuko looked straight at Yukirin. Mayuyu looked a heartrending as she was at first looking at nowhere, her eyes lost focus.)

In the appeal comment video for this election, I said “I was given 3rd place from fans last year, and could have a chance to see a nice dream.” Then at Akusyukai, you said “We won’t end it as a dream!”….. I then again realized that what I am today is because you’ve supported me, cared about me…..


My dream to be an idol has come true because of you who always give me support.

(“Yukirin~~~n!!!” Yukirin smiled at fans enthusiastic shouts.)

Though I was thinking that I want to rank up as possible,
But I am very happy with this number, 3rd, the same number as last year, the important number for me.
I think what I can be proud of the most in my life as an idol is the fact that I am with so many fans who support me so much.

(“Yukiri~~~n!!!!!!” Mayuyu was sending her applause, Yuko looking straight up to Yukirin, with a face as if she was looking at her reliable comrade. Mariko has a gentle smile, while Acchan, with wistful eyes, looking at Yukirin on the display in the backroom)

After I listened to Mariko-sama and Sassy’s speeches, I keenly thought that I should be sorry about that I’ve been keeping reserved to my seniors and that I’ve constrained myself as I care the situation I’m in too much.

I want to grow so that I can express to you my feelings, what I aspire to do and my fighting spirit. I want to keep going forward as such a wonderful matured lady and…. I will express my gratitude to you as I’ve done until now. Thank you so much everyone.

(As Yukirin also expressed her spirit in the last portion of the speech, Acchan’s worrying face turned into smile, Takamina nodding, Mayuyu clapping her hands so hard as we clearly could hear the hitting sound.)

When Yukirin reached her seat, Mariko reached her hand to Yukrin and tapped her shoulder. They exchanged briefly with a broad smile. Milky, who will join team B, also turned her head to see Yukiri. Akicha, sitting still in front of Yukirin, looked very nervous and never gave Yukirin a glance.