Election Speech 11-13th (Sae Miyazawa, Tomomi Kasai, Rie Kitahara)

  June 7, 2012

Before the announcement of 13th place, FujiTV’s announcer interviewed to Sashiko. Because she is the only member who got interviewed in this broadcast and announcement is delayed because of this interview, Sashiko looked so embarrassed.
“So how do you think about the election result so far?” “E~~ are you broadcasting this live??” “Yes.” “Because there’re so many surprises, I am getting uneasy… So I can’t predict what it will turn out to be, so please be a witness to the moment.” “Your family are cheering you up from Oita.” “Yeah…. I’ll try my best…” Because of her interview, TV broadcasting would almost miss the announcement of 13th place (or Election will be further delayed to wait for the interview finishes). Sashiko urged him to end the interview by pointing to the stage. 
She was having an deadly cute embarrassed smile on her face and was like “What the heck this guy and TV station are thinking?”
Kojiharu, sitting next to Sashiko looked very nervous as she had to be sitting still like a “background” while Sashiko was being interviewed (though TV crew completely ignored all of other members, Kojiharu is the only member who was displayed close up on TV next to Sashiko during her interview).

13th Rie Kitahara

Thank you so much for all of you who voted for me.
This year, I had been struggling to move forward…
In the early result, I was 16th, the borderline of Senbatsu. After I came back home, I was reading your comments on my blog.
Everyone left very touching and warm comments…. and I was encouraged so much…. There was a time when I was shedding tears alone at home.
And as I told this to my mother on the phone,
It turned out that my mother also read your comments on the blog and cried.
Your comments are read by my mother, too, so please leave comments for her and me.
I had stated that my goal this year is 12th. So I couldn’t achieve my goal, but this is my current position (given by my fans), and I’m happy with it.
Everyone, thank you so much for your huge love.
I am thinking that once the election finished,  It’s my turn to repay my love to you. So please leep supporting Rie Kitahara!

As the early result showed a cruel number to Kitarie, both members and fans was worrying about her. Though she couldn’t achieve her set goal, she looked alright and gave a bright speech.
Acchan at first had a worrying face as if she was checking if Kitarie is fine. But once she realized Kitarie is fine (around when Kitarie was talking about her mom), she had a gentle smile on her face and listening to her speech, grinning.

12th Tomomi Kasai

(Before Tomo~mi‘s speech, Acchan left FujiTV, so we couldn’t see her reaction to Tomo~mi‘s speech reatime)

(She got so emotional for her result as she suffered a disease last year and had a feeling that she could’t have tried her best for her fans.)

I’m so happy that I can’t believe that now I’m standing on this stage as I ranked 12th. Thank you so much.
Now my mind went blank… In the early result, I was 17th and thought it would be impossible to join Senbatsu…
Last year, I had a disease, and I couldn’t fully participate in Akusyukai, and I think I couldn’t give my best to AKB’s activities.
Last year, at Akusyukai held right after the election, my result made fans to apologize to me… I made so many people cry….
I realized that my result of the election is not only mine but it’s also a so important result for my fans.
But everyone…. can you please tell me “Congratulation”?

(Takamina is deeply nodding, as Tomochin is squinching her eyes to stop tears falling down)

This year, in the campaign called Gachiuma, I got a lucky win in the horse racing, and I’ve become No.1…. I got my first No.1 after I joined AKB48.
And… this year I’m given this amazing place in the general election, I keenly think this year is the decisive year for me,
So for you who are supporting me and for myself, I will be strong enough to turn this chance I was give from you into next chance by myself.

11th Sae Miyazawa

Before the announcement, when Tokumitsu-san announced that there’s a huge gap in the number of votes between 11th and 10th, Sae had surprised face.
Sae standing up, turned around, and bowed deeply to fans.
Everyone who have supported me until this moment,
And everyone who talked to me that “Let’s try the best together until the last moment.” at Shake-Hands event, thank you so much.
In the last election, Yuko, who was chosen for the 2nd place, talked to us that “For us, the number of votes is your love.” on this stage.

(Yuko is looking straight at Sae)

When I heard her word, I felt I could find the answer that I was looking for in AKB48’s election.

(Yuko glance down, her lips tightly closed.)

What left in the record is our rankings, but love, feelings and actions of all of you, who care about me and voted for me, resonate with me so much.
This year’s election, I couldn’t be here without you who again supported me.
And, my bother, who sent text message on his way to office in this morning,
my second brother who are in charge of today’s dinner, and have been making Saslisbury steak from the morning, and grilled a small patty for me for breakfast,
And my father who had thought the vote counting day was yesterday and said to me “Good luck tomorrow.” on the day before yesterday.
And my mother who raised me, here I am…
I am living my life, supported by my wonderful family and wonderful fans.
Though I may not be able to pay my gratitude to you soon, I’m going to express my feeling to you while I’m still in AKB48.
Please keep supporting me. Thank you so much for today.