Election Speech 8-10th (Tomomi Itano, Jurina Matsui, Rena Matsui)

  June 7, 2012

(Since the moment Rena’s name was called, Jurina had looked overcome by emotion. There was a sheer contrast between Rena who kept poised , and Jurina who got emotionally high as before she finally reached this moment in the election, she had many important moments in recent months.)

10th Rena Matsui

Everyone, I’m really grateful to your suport.
From this morning, I was thinking that I could only say “Thank you” to all the people who are supporting me when I stand on this stage…
And now I’m embracing the trophy on my chest, I can only think of that word…
As I was given the opportunity to be active since my debut, so many people have supported me. I could meet so many people.
And I think that’s because I could act as SKE48 and a Senbatsu memeber of AKB48.

(Jurina is looking straight at Rena with very serious face. She looked like suppressing her overwhelming emotion so that she wouldn’t burst into tears)

Probably, if I were not here, if it were without your power, I would be just a normal, very reserved and uninteresting girl.
But you always present a wonderful place to me.
Fans, who are supporting me, somehow always know about a lot of thing more than me,
You are always go ahead of me, and congratulate me on various kind of thing, celebrating so much for me…
You are that warm people…

(Tomochin touched tears falling down on her face)

I believe people who support me will also congratulate on the fact that now I’m standing here.

(Ota sent warm and passionate cheers “Congratulation~~~!!”)

Thank you so much.
I will strive further so that more and more people can say “Congratulation!” to me, and I can say “Thank you” to them.

(Though many people expected she would place higher, she ended up decreasing her number. But many still so peolpe voted for her. Rena made her speech in very poised manner and had a smile like a goddesses to fans who have supported her)

Jurina bend down, crying so hard as she was standing up. Rena is clapping hands, looking at Jurina with a soft smile from the stage.
Jurina was covering her face with her hands as she was approaching to the stage.

When she reached the stage mic, she again bend down, then look up, trying to stop her tears. But she realized it’s impossible to suppress her feeling well up from bottom of her heart.)

9th Jurina

Thank you so much… everyone for your support and cheers… thank you.

(Rena looking at Jurina’s back from her seat. Rena looked trying to smile instead of shedding tears as she tightly closed her mouth with teary eyes.)

I don’t like crying in front of people….

(Because fans knows this her character, they were sending encouraging shout, “Don’t cry!!”)

And I’ve tried to suppress my tears when I feel sad and mortified until now…. but only for today… please forgive me…

(Yukirin is shedding tears, with her eyes wide opened. Mariko is literally laughing.)

So, here, please let me make promise with you.
As team S and team K, I’ll fulfill my role to the fullest, give it everything I have, so please give me your support.
And please ascend the stairs together with me.

(Takamina had a very moved face while Mariko, sitting next to her, had a broad smile, nodding.)

With Jurina in 9th, it’s confirmed Sashiko will rank up this year.

FujiTV then again bravely conducted the interview to Sashiko. Sashiko was obviously very upset as her face was like “Whatta….?? This timing???”
Because TV announcer handsomely asked her a question despite the awkward mood, Sashiko couldn’t help but laughing.

“You will almost certainly rank up from the last year. Please tell us how do you feel now?” “Uhmmm after hearing members’ wonderful speeches , I am getting nervous.” “Your mother is wathing. Please give her your comment.” “No matter which place I get, I’ll do my best (This sounded like a template answer, and Sashiko couldn’t stop laughing at her own lame answer.)”  This awkward interview continued a little while. But the point is not the content of interview but how she behaved during the interview. Sashiko was hiding her mouth by her hand. It looked like she tried to hide her smile which she failed to stop, since it might be appropriate to smile in this serious situation.

8th Tomomi Itano

Thank you so much, everyone.
Last year, I ‘d worried a lot.
I thought like, “My place doesn’t exist here anymore.”, and I’d kept worrying this year.
But it’s none other than you, who voted these 50,000 votes, who taught me that it’s not about ranking down or up, or comparing to others, but that “I can just be myself”.
You gave me a lot of love, dream and self confidence.
And I love singing. I love dancing. There’s a place where I can do what I love to do. And that’s all thanks to you, I think.
I will be the way I am, and will walk my own path.
And, I will strive forward so that I can say thank you to you several years later.
Everyone, please come with me.

(Takamina looked like she knows what Tomochin is trying to say as she was nodding gently.)