W-Matsui (Jurina & Rena) At SKE’s Biggest Stage Ever

  April 16, 2012

SKE48 successfully finished their 2days Nippon Gaishi Hall Concert at Nagoya (the concert is titled Will SKE have their exclusive theater by this fall?). The concert was celebrating the comeback of the group’s Ace, Jurina Matsui, and it was the first public performance of their upcoming single “Aishiteraburu as well!! (アイシテラブル)” (on sale 16th May).
The new song sings the feeling of love between man and woman over pop dance tune. Rena Matsui explained the appeal of the song,  “We sing the hook ‘I love you’ like chants, so it will be fun if we can sing together with fans.” “No one ever heard of the word ‘Aishiteraburu’ but this word has as strong love as ‘Aishiteru’ plus ”I Love You”.

Since the start of SKE48 about 4 years ago, holding Concert at Nippon Gaishi hall had been one of their dream. Rena expressed her excitement “I feel so happy to do our concert in such a huge venue, it’s like I’m dreaming now. I wish I could freeze this moment. I wish this moment would never end.”

Came back from the medical leave just yesterday, Jurina Matsui appeared on this big stage again. While for the first day she just sang one song for the opening, this day she joined from the middle of the show till the encore. Though she was selected for the title song of the single, she didn’t join the performance of “Aishiteraburu” on this stage, but for 3 of SKB’s popular tunes “Ohgoe Diamond” “Kyoumadenokoto Korekaranokoto” “Nakama no Uta” she sang, danced, excited the big hall to the limit.

In the encore, they performed SKE version of “Give Me Five” with live-band performance.

At the end of the show, the group held the graduation ceremony for 3 members, Haruka Ono, Haruka Mano and Erika Yamada.

At the backstage after the show the group declared their next goal “We go to Nagoya Dome next!” (Nagoya Dome is the home venue of pre-baseball team Doragons and the largest hall in Nagoya)

Before this concert, 2,000 audience at Aichi Art Theater was the largest number for SKE’s solo concert. This Gaishi hall concert broke the record by four times larger number, 8,000 for one day (total 16,000 for 2 days).

Though W-Matsui on this dream-like stage might delude us with the idea that Jurina is alright, her full comeback and the start of activities as team K hasn’t yet confirmed.

Source Asahi, Sanspo

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