Jurina Matsui Sent Message to Fans

  April 2, 2012

As everybody knows, since the surprise announcement at SSA, Jurina Matsui has got sick, and been on medical leave since 31th Mar.

Today Jurina sent us a message through her blog and google+.

It’s so long since I last saw your faces.I’m so sorry I couldn’t post often.Your comments healed me do much.
After I got sick Feb, I’d tried to take best care of myself, but at SSA I enjoyed too much, and I also got too tense.
I have to sorry again for the absence of hand-shake event…I wanted to go there, but I wasn’t allowed to do that since many people concerned my health condition.
To show up in front of you with full energy, I understood I have to take a rest for a while.I love dancing and singing, so I got to take a rest to revitalize myself, and after that, I do my best again.Please want for a while until I regain my energy.Sorry for making you worry.
Jurina Matsui

松井珠理奈 – 4/2 8:12



This is a news blog, so I try not to be subjective. But this time, that surprise announcement gave her an unnecessary shock, I think. Even though it’s good for her to spend a time in AKB48, it didn’t have to be that shocking way…

She looks matured but she is only 15 y/o girl. I really want her to take a good rest and relieve the pressure in order not to ruin her future…