AKB48 Japan Pop Culture Concert at Washington Was Streamed on Youtube and Google+

  April 2, 2012

AKB48’s live at Washington “Japan Pop Culture Concert 2012” was aired on YouTube and Google+ today from 20:00 to 22:30 JST.

Unfortunately for American fans, it is quite hard to wake up this early morning.. So Asian fans, did you watched it? Or was it only available if you were in Japan?

It started with the recorded google hangout of members to communicate between other sides of the pacific.

Hope they will re-upload the video soon for world viewers!!

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This video-stream was one time only event, and due to copyrights issue, it’s unable to upload the recorded video on this site. To avoid miss this kind of opportunity, you can subscribe Google+ on Google+ (Since AKB48 partnered Google), and AKB48 Channel. Also, this website provides useful updates on AKB48 in plain English. To keep updated, please subscribe our Google+ page.