NMB48 Performed “Nagi-Ichi” at Okinawa International Film Festival

  April 2, 2012

NMB48 gave the first time performance of the title number of their coming new single “Nagi-Ichi(on sale 9th Mar) at Okinawa international film festival.

Despite bad wheat her and strong wind, when NMB48 appeared on the stage, fanchants from super crowded beach were so energetic. Starting from their debut number “zettai kurokami shouzyo“, follows by 2nd single “OMG“, NMB48 transformed whole mood of the event into typical mixture of energetic Osaka and tropical Okinawa. “thank you so much for such a great chant even though the whether is so bad.” Sayaka Yamamoto spoke to fans.

Then “Next song is from our new single!! We love to sing this song for the first time here in wonderful Okinawa!!” With huge claps and cheers from fans, they performed the up-tempo summer-tune with unique dance coreo.

Total 16 members joined thus stage including Aya Yamamoto, Miyuki Watanabe and Eriko Joe.

Source: Oricon