Camel Clutch! Choke Sleeper Hold! Giant Swing! AKB48 Girls vs Comedian Kato Koji

  October 4, 2012

As far as I can see from this video, someone was hit her butt by Kato….

Who? NyanNyan? I’m expecting to see that Kojiharu or Yukirin’s cute butt will be hit by him….

Who? I think this is definitely Takamina.

Shimazaki: Revealing left armpit.

Somehow this looks the most erotic…

Takamina: Camel clutch

Yukirin: Dance → Choke Sleeper Hold

Butt Drumming 

Uhmmmm definitely Takamina.

Dude, come on, what a lame choice….

When it comes to butt, it’s none other than Mayuyu and Oshima’s role to take this Butt Drumming role!!

What do you think?

↑If you allow me to answer seriously, Mayuyu’s reaction may be unable to be aired on TV….

KKS will also join the show….

No giant Swing scene? Total 5 members will be thrown by Giant Swing. One more girl is KKS. So who will be the rest one?

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Again, we will see the tons of brilliant gifs on the internet sphere…