Kojima! Kojima! Kojima! and one more about Megutan's Panty Flash!

  September 30, 2012

What in the world is this crazy panty that is not sexy, or Loli nor Kawaii….. something Jasco may sell for 1,000 yen in 3 sets per package….

For honor of NyanNyan, I want Ogi production to direct teh choice of her underpants….
It's actually important if she will work as a model, too…

But if she wears underpants with more matured designs such as lace panties, it's gonna be too real…

Because in the interview, she said she want to change panties for each episode so that audience won't get disappointed.
So, I think this is chosen by Kojiharu… or Kojiharu and Staffs discuss with each other to decide the design.



Kojima! Kojima! Kojima!

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1gen, 11gen 14gen

Uhmm new Kojima is actually very cute…

Cure, new Kojima is not bad, not bad at all actually, but then again I realized how cute Kojiharu is…

the best dog food for dogs

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Kojima Kojima will be in the same team after the 2nd reformation!

Kojima Mako-chan (Kojimako-chan) is my angel!!

The name Kojima for AKB is a guaranty for highest quality.

Someday I want to see 3shot of Kojima!x3…

I like the fact that 2nd Kojima named 1st Kojima as a person who she respects.

3rd Kojima also looks like she has a great potential. Maybe it's about time to create team Kojima.

I hope  3rd Kojima will have a nickname for her like Megutan for Kojima and Kojikya~ for Nattsun.

↑ Ariyoshi Kyowakoku's comeback is much anticipated….



  1. moofuq says:

    Still NyanNyan is the cutest although she’s the oldest 🙂

  2. Thumbster says:

    For me 2nd Kojima is really my type! Her smile is killing me! But I like all of them ^ ^.

  3. Hmm it’s so hard to choose between Kojiharu and Nattsun coz they are no.4 and no.5 in my ranking respectively but truth is I love them equally. And Mako chan is so cute as well <3


  4. Mario Medves says:

    “3rd Kojima also looks like she has a great potential. Maybe it’s about time to create team Kojima.”
    The name can be Koji-San?