Nisshin Announces They Will Feature Haruna Kojima and Anna Iriyama in 2nd Episode of it’s Cupnoodle’s Commercial Series ‘Real’

  May 30, 2012

Several days ago, Nisshin announced that they’ve started making a 2nd episode of their commercial series “Real” tied-in with AKB48. Interestingly, the first 2 members Nisshin features in this 2nd episode of the commercials are also a pair in the MV and stage performance of Manatsu no Sounds Good!

Cupnoodle on G+
“We’ve started making a 2nd episode of our commercial series “Real“. Whose episodes will we deliver to you through this 2nd episode series….??
The first person featured in this 2nd episode is…
Haruna Kojima-san!!
We safely finished the filming under wonderful sunshine!!
Kojima-san, who showed her unique worldview in the commercial for ICE Cupnoodle
This time we focused on close-ups for her “Real”.
We will share a photo we took behind the scenes today.
We will share more photos and our creating process in real-time with you!”
“The second person featured in this 2nd episode is…
Anna Iriyama-san aka Annnin!! We finished with the filming of her episode, “Real of 16 y/o girl“.
The filming was conducted at a sacred place for AKB48, AKB’s theater in Akihabara.
Iriyama-san looked really happy when she was having Cupnoodle after the stage performance at the AKB theater.
It looked like she was enjoying it the most when she talks about members of team 4.
Her pick was Cupnoodle Salt (Sio) flavor.
Please wait a while longer until the commercial is completed.”