HKT48 Kenkyusei Stage PARTY ga Hajimaruyo!! Kayano Shinobu shared touching backstory

  September 30, 2012

HKT48 Kenkyusei (3 members from 1gen, and 21 members from 2gen) held their Shonichi Stage (so called Kenkyusei Stage) at HKT48 theater on Sep 30th.

Though official information of this Stage didn’t reveal which members perform this stage (they just wrote “Cast: Kenkyusei”), only 16 members of total 24 Kenkyusei of HKT48 could stand the Shonichi Stage today.

The members who couldn’t make it are Fukagawa Maiko (2gen), Inoue Yuriya, Iwahana Shino, Ui Mashiro, Goto Izumi, Kouzina Yui, Tomiyoshi Asuka and Yamada Marina. Kayano Shinobu shared the story from the backstage that gives us a sneak peek of how members faced this cruel reality, named competition, together.

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Sato Kazuya 9/30 17:05

Kenkyusei Stage “Party ga hajimaruyo”

Finally started!!



♪Party ga Hajimaruyo!


♪Dear My Teacher

♪Dokuringo o Tabesasete

Self introduction. Starting with Fuchigami Mai

Obviously Meruru (Tashima Meru) is at the center…!

The 1st row: Fuchigami Mai, Ueno Haruka, Tashima Meru. Tomonaga Mio, Umemoto Izumi

The 2nd row: Okada Kanna, Itou Raira, Akiyoshi Yuka, Tani Marika, Tanaka Yuuka, Komada Hiroka

The 3rd row: Imada Mina, Kusaba Ai, Sakaguchi Riko , Okamoto Naoko, Abe Kyoka

♪Skirt Hirari

Ueno, Umemoto, Tashima, Tomonaga, Fuchigami


Akiyoshi, Ito, Okada, Tanaka, Tani

♪Anata to Christmas eve

Okamoto and Kusaba

Anyway, we can say that Fuchigami Mai, Ueno Haruka, Tashima Meru, Tomonaga Mio, and Umemoto Izumi are the Oshi of Sato Kazuya, right?

It’s expected as Tashima, Fuchigami and Tomonaga are the top 3 in MIXI.

Umemoto and Ueno will surely rise from now, I think.

But….. I was taken aback by the fact that Sato didn’t choose Yamada Marina who placed 4th in Mixi….

↑The number of community members on MIXI for members who only have short career reflects on visual preference of fans.

I think it’s a pretty important number….

♪Kiss ha Dameyo

Imada, Komada, Sakaguchi

♪Oshi no Ondo

Abe, Ueno, Okamoto, Tashima

Okada Takashi 8:13pm

During the song performance of Hoshi no Ondo, surprisingly the elevating stage (Belly Button) will roll 360 degree



Ueno, Okamoto and Tashima are the members who joined 2 units for today.

MC: Imada Mina (2gen) took a initiative role for the rest of members.

Tomonaga-chan in this photo sooo look alike Acchan in her old days…!!

♪Sakura no Hanabiratachi

♪Aozora no Soba ni ite

Oh yeah, so will they perform HKT48 in encore!?!??!??



2nd song for the encore

♪Skirt Hirari

3rd song for the encore

♪Sakura no Hanabiratachi

Girls pergformed Gingham Check as a surprise.

♪Gingham Check

Sending off our dear fans with highoutch.

According to people who went there, they didn’t introduce their catch phrase during the self introduction time.

HKT official blog updated information and members lineup for Oct 1st, 3rd adn 5th’s Kenkyusei Stage!!

Accodring to Shinobu’s post, I think members who performed the Shonichi (30th) are considered to be promising by management as major staffs including Yasusu was at the theater to watch their performance on 30th.

What I’m concerned about is why Tomonaga wasn’t selected for 10/1 and 10/5 stage…??

Kayano Shinobu 7:18pm 9/30

Today, on Sep 30th, HKT48 marked the Shonichi (the debut day) of their Kenkyusei Stage.

Goo job everyone for your Shonichi Stage. Everyone was so cute~♥
At this point, I have no choice but to become KsDD…
But for this post, I would like to share backstory of their Stage….

HKT’s Kenkyusei has 24 members, including 1gen and 2gen members. Today, only 16 members could stand on the Shonichi Stage.

Members who couldn’t be selected for this stage was staring at the members dancing and singing on the stage, with serious eyes. They had eyes full of tears. Time to time, I could see their face filled with chagrin.

But…. as the stage went on, their looked up. Then one member started dancing to “Sakura no Hanabira” as the members on the stage was dancing to the song. Other members, without saying anything, joined her and started dancing, holding tears. By the time when the Stage reached the last song, Gingham Check, everyone at the backstage were dancing together with bright smiles, holding tears.

It was at this moment, the girls overlapped the image of AKB48 in 2005, when they stood on their very first stage at AKB48 theater, in my head.

Though I’m a mere staff, I can feel that because I have watched the moment like this, the moment girls overcome tough things and still trying to move on positively, I’m a fan of 48 groups, too.
I figure, (in 48 groups) normal girls feel chagrin, get hurt, but still try to stay strong in order to walk forward by themselves, and improve themselves in order to shine some day…

Good luck, and work hard Kenkyusei!!! I also work hard so that some day, I can make the best costumes for you that make you shine the most…! I’m really looking forward to seeing future you.