AKB48’s Costume Manager Shinobu Kayano Is Having Fun With Sashihara

  May 31, 2012

Costume manager of AKB48, Shinobu Kayano shared a fun moment with Rino Sashihara and AKB48 fans in this morning.

Shinobu Kayano on G+

“Hi there! I’m Shinobu.
And…. wow! Look! Sashiko is amazing!!”
Shinobu “This is a rare ellabrate effort of Sashiko to draw fans’ attention!!”
Shinobu “(In reply to people who ask her to do the pose) This is impossible for me…. I can’t do this!!”
Aki Takajo “(Akicha deliberately pretended to she thought this is Shinobu lol) This is great!!! Shinobu-saaaaaan!!
Shinobu “What Sashihara just said to me….
“The 3 people who I admire for their literary sense are…. Momoko Sakura, Owner of fansite of Saki Shimizu-san…. and Shinobu-san!!!”
I don’ know why… but I can’t feel happy at all!!”
Shinobu “First of all, I can’t do Taiikuzuwari
Shinobu “Akicha… I can’t do this……
Wait…. do you misunderstand that the person in this photo is me..!?!?
Shinobu “This pose is Sashihara’s favorite of today! If you see her today, please greet to her in this pose!!”
Shinobu “Sashihara is …. running at a full speed now….!!!
 What I can do for her right now is….. to send cheers to her as I’m doing Taiikuzuwari!!”


“This is Shinobu-san version.”

Shinobu “(Gasp…..) (Out of breathe….)”
Shinobu “Please send your complaint to Sashiko….”
Shibonu “I’m running at a full speed, too!!!”
Shinobu “When I look at this photo just normally…. or  whatever….
What an awful photo this is!!!
Sorry…. for ruining your precious G+ time…”
Kaori Matsumura “90 degrees lol”
Aki Takajo “Wonderful angle!!”
Shinobu “Who said “Your effort will be rewarded”!!!”
Shinobu “Sashihara is elegantly doing Taiikuzuwari in front of me….
I never feel such envious of someone before……!!”

Shinobu “Sashihara is a person I’m dreaming to be.
She can do Taiikuzuwari!!!”
Shinobu “I’m sorry but Sashihara has nothing that I dream of.”
Shinobu “Wait…. I want to have toned legs…. Would Sashihara give me her beautiful legs??”
Riho Kotani “Shinobu-san!! Your hair is getting longer! I’m also leaving my hair grow longer!”
Shinobu “If only I could hold both knees…”
Shinobu “Damn… though Ripopo is also a member of Hetale kingdom along with Sashihara…..,
she can do Taiikuzuwari…..  ..frustrating!!”
Miku Tanabe “Moe!!!”
Kaori Matsumura “Shinobu-san…. you may hurt your waist…”
Shinobu “I really enjoyed sharing a fun time with Sashihara!!
If we were classmates, we would be very nice friends!!
Though in almost every aspects, we are opposite, we share sense of humor, we find the same things funny”… that my personal feeling…..”