Miichan Rescued Rino Sashihara From Recent Depression

  April 27, 2012
Sashiko, who has been recently seemingly having nervous breakdown because of huge bashing for her campaign for her upcoming solo debut single Soredemo Sukidayo.
Being 5th Gen, Sashiko is getting unprecedented promotion from management and supports from fans nation-widely, which of course attract attack from AKB haters and fans whose Oshi is not Sashihara.
Thankfully Miichan, AKB’s cutest Neko, helped Sashiko refresh her complicated mind.

Sashiko talks with Miichan  ‘Kojaharu is the Entrance Of AKB’

Rino “I’m having dinner with Miichan!!! I love you Miichan! Aishiteruuuuuuu!”

Negi “I’m having dinner with Sashihara-san now. No. I don’t love her………………….. Though I like her.”
(Miichan is 1gen, which makes her big senior to Sashiko. So, it’s unusual for her to call her with san (she delibarately used it to sound cold))

Rino “Miita I love youー!!! Miitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”
Negi “Rinotaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!
Actually I think my love for you is more intensive than your love for me.”
By the way, she finally could grab the first copy of her solo debut single!!
Rino “I’m so moved….”