Long Version of Cupnoodle x Atsuko Maeda ‘Fan’ (Web-Exclusive)

  April 16, 2012

Starting from today for 3 days, Nisshin Cupnoodle announced it will upload 3 different long versions of it’s commercial feat. Atsuko Maeda. As this commercial try to take a close look of “Real” of AKB members, Atsuko Maeda versions were filmed in Hong Kong right after her graduation announce. In each version, she talks how her thought and mind reached the decision and how she felt through the actual announcement.

Uploaded today is titled “Fan”. In the commercial she talks about how fans give her kind messages even through online.

“People say on the internet, people get violent. But our fans are very warm. Even online, they cheer us from bottom of their hearts.”
“Throughout these 6 and half years, I always felt fans close to me. It became the most natural state for me. I feel our fans are definitely different from others.”

Coming tomorrow is titled “Live”, Nisshin wrote on their G+.

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カップヌードル – 4/16 20:34
Cupnoodle’s new commercial series “Real” 
Starting from today, we will deliver long versions feat. Atsuko Maeda one by one for 3 days. Today we upload “Fan”. What was going on before the graduation announcement, how she was feeling through the very moment. Please watch the commercial.
Tomorrow we will upload “Live”.

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