Full Version Finally Released! Cupnoodle x AKB48 Atsuko Maeda

  April 14, 2012

Acchan looking back the moment of her graduation announce at Saitama. The first name she mentioned is Takamina… You know, the “popular word award” last year was Kizuma (きずな 絆 Bond). And Acchan and Takamina again made my belief firm that the popularity of AKB48 is not just about their affinity or marketing strategy, but their honest representation of our precious value, which all Japanese share in deep corner of our hearts. I think we’ve long been missing some sort of Role Model in our society especially in entertainment industry, and what make AKB48 special for me is that they fill that void and remind of what we really respect and embrace in our society and in our social relationship. Acchan’s AKB48 is now in curtain call, but AtsuMina’s bond (Acchan and Takamina) will live forever in their and our hearts…

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