AKB48 x Cupnoodle – Behind the Scene Rino Sashihara version

  March 29, 2012

Cupnoodle’s new commercial is kickstarted 27th Mar, starting with Minami Takahashi a.k.a Takamina’s version.

This commercial is featuring 5 members of AKB48, and 5 different versions are made for each members.

Behind the scenes photos are now being uploaded member by member on Cupnoodle’s google+ page, and we now can see Rino Sashihara a.k.a. Sashiko’s photos there.

Sashiko is very popular among Otaku fans (including me!) for her hardcore Otaku character. But these photos shows breath-taking beauty of her in unassuming way. Even if you’re not a fan of her, these pieces are really well-photographed and resolutionaly and woth taking a look.

source: Cupnoodle on Google+