Cupnoodle meets AKB48

  March 27, 2012

Nissin picked AKB48 for the new commercial for Cupnoodle. The company announced that behind scenes photos are gonna be uploaded on official Facebook and Google+ page of Cupnoodle.

*Nissin is the giant Japanese company which produces and sells Cupnoodle along with tons of other food products. Actually, I was born in the city where Nissin has it’s HQ.

The theme of the Cupnoodle’s new commercial is “Real”. It focuses on the daily life of AKB48 members, and filmed recording scenes, off-time between concerts, and take a peek into actual rooms of members.

5 of members including Atsuko Maeda will be in the commercial. The commercial has 5 different versions, and each member stars in one version.

The commercial will be aired from 27th Mar, starting with Minami Takahashi aka Takamina.

Here are Takamina’s behind scenes photos uploaded on google+ and facebook.