Graduated Twin Tail? Mayuyu Transformed Into Adult Beauty From Doll-Like Cutey

  April 27, 2012
Fans comments include “This is this change will mark the start of her legend as she now became 18, and be able to make tons of TV appearance. Though for those Lolicon fans who love childish Mayuyu, Mayuyu was over, I guess.”

“Gained huge fan base with her Lolli and Anime-like (and Ani-Ota) character until 18, then now starts being adult beauty? She is unbelievable.” “I mean she is professional.” “I mean she is an actress.” “I mean she is the ideal person for Post Acchan.”

My ever-lasting image of Mayuyu is MV os Hatsukoi Dash (by Warota)…
Mayuyu in Twin Tail (for comparison)