Mayuyu’s Okaasan (Yukirin) A Bit Worrying About 18 y/o Mayuyu

  April 24, 2012

On 22th Apr was held “Celebrating 18th Birthday” in AKB thetre in Akihabara during AKB’s Revue “Goddess of The Thatre” to celebrate 18th birthday for Mayu Watanabe aka Mayuyu.

Her Mother (Okaasan), Yukirin, who joined the show, wrote celebrating comment on her blog later that day, but in the blogpost, she also expressed her worry for Mayuyu.

Good evening。
We finished today’s 2nd Revue(^-^)/ドキドキ
It was Clebrating festival for Mayuyu’s birthday~
 I was tense for the host role.
Because I love her so much←
As a result, I was said being “awkward”(´Д` )笑

I want to say this again. “Mayuyu, Happy birthday!!!”キラキラ
18 years old.
Now you can appear midnight TV program, and join filming in late at night,
Turning 18 y/o is a huge change and you’ll broaden your field. 
I want to do ANN (AKB no Allnight Nippon) with you ( ̄▽ ̄)
But I’m scared that Mayuyu might go out of control 笑 (She meant Mayuyu would be so nervous and be in panic)
Because it’s live-broadcasting(´Д` )!
But I’m looking forward to it will realize some day
That’s what I’m thinking笑
Tomorrow is a filming day
収録Day。 (収録=recording or filming)
That’s all for today, see you tomorrow
すぃーゆー! (see you)
I’m thinking to request questions tomorrow雪
Mayuyu turned 18 y/o on 26th Mar. AKB theatre they held belated celebration show on 22th Apr, in which Mayuyu also joined and shared her “Goal of 18th year of my life” with fans. This might be the best birthday present for her, who couldn’t participate the tour and shake-hand event through 15th Apr due to sickness.
Mayuyu stated for the opening speech of the show “Now I graduated high-school, and became a member of society. 18 y/o is the first step to be an adult.”She also touched her position in the team, said “I want to be a person whom everyone sees reliable, I want to play a such role.”
In addition, maybe because she is a huge fan of Takarazuka musical, she revealed her new goal, said “Recently I come to realize that my desire to participate in Musical or Stage Drama is growing inside me.”
On the same stage, Yukirin emotionally talked about Mayuyu, “She never complains. I’ve never heard her complaining like ‘I don’t like it’ ‘I’m tired’ ‘I’m working hard.’ ‘It’s difficult’ in these 6 years.”. After the Celebration stage, Yukirin confessed her thought on Mayuyu on her Yukirinblog.
Yukirn is hoping to do ANN together with Mayuyu since now that she is 18 y/o and be able to join midnight work. But she might picture some negative image and said “But I’m scared that Mayuyu might go out of control, since it’s live-broadcasting!”, and she couldn’t 100% happy about Mayuyu making more appearance in variety kinds of TV or Radio shows. Even Yukirn felt a bit anxiety about Mayuyu, who sometimes said to be easily get panicked.
18 y/o Mayuyu is featured as a leader-like position in the latest MV of the group Manatsu no Sounds Good!, and people associated see her as an important member as her in the MV.
Mayuyu, once said “I get nervous and hardly can talk in Comedy Talk Show”, from now, have to make frequent appearance in such TV shows, and we are looking forward to seeing her acquired a conversation skill which makes Yukirin sleep easy at night.