Let’s watch “MechaIke special AKB48 Who’s the dumbest member? Let’s decide Dumb Center!”

  April 20, 2013
You can watch the show live from the link below.

Fuji TV’s director: 

Welcome to the tonight’s episode of Mechaike! Today’s show is the special episode!

AKB48 term end exam!!

It’s not Kami 7! Tonight, we will decide who the Dumbest member of AKB48 aka Dumb Center!

Please watch this surprising show which may influence the whereabouts of the upcoming general election!!??

In the classroom is Miss. Minegishi who covered her head with Bold Wig!

Kojiharu, who came up with amazingly foolish answers in the past episodes of this program, says “I will never lose this time! Coz this time, all the other members are dumb!!

She is right! Their foolish answers are coming from nowhere, non-stop, from 360 degrees!!

This is such a controversial show which gives us how enormous potential our nation’s iconic idols possess!

Starts soon!!

Who is the Center BAKA!!!???


Tomochin as Homoda Homoo (Mr. Homosexual), Kashiwagi Yuki as Kitajima Saburo, Shinoda and Oshima as ObaQ, etc.